Who Else Wants to Get 133% Stronger and Gain 9 Pounds of Lean, Functional Muscle in the Next 6 Weeks?

Learn How to Use Kettlebells to Gain Serious Strength and Size ... While Staying Athletic, Improving Your Conditioning, and Losing Fat at the Same Time!
by Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Dear friend -

Are you a serious kettlebell enthusiast, who wants to gain strength and muscle, but would rather train more like an athlete than a bodybuilder?

Are you looking to get as strong as humanly possible, while still maintaining your conditioning levels, and staying mobile, agile, and hostile?

Are you just simply looking for a new kettlebell workout plan that will take your strength and condition to new levels, and challenge you in a new way?
If you've answered yes to these questions, then you simply owe it to yourself to read this entire article.

 My name is Forest Vance, and what I have to share with you today is so exciting that I had to sit down and write this message.

I originally got certified through the RKC in 2009.

Since, I’ve worked with over 1000 in-person kettlebell clients …

I’ve led and assisted with over 20 kettlebell workshops locally, and all around the US …

And I’ve also written over 500 articles, shot over 200 videos, and created over a dozen products / home study courses … on the topic of kettlebells.

I'm writing this to you today because I want you to know that there IS a way to gain strength and pack on lean muscle while MAINTAINING or even IMPROVING your leanness, mobility, and overall athleticism.

But more on that in a bit.

The Kettlebell GAINZ "Beta Test"

I've been a student of kettlebell training for the last 8 years, and have as much practical, hands-on training experience with them as any trainer out there.

But I realized a short time ago that I was missing a kettlebell workout plan in my product library dedicated to gaining strength and muscle.

So I launched a small "beta testing" group, and took them through a six - week kettlebell program.  The program was designed to help them get as strong as humanly possible in the time we had together - all while helping them maintain, and even GAIN, athleticism, mobility, and overall conditioning.

The results were nothing short of amazing.

One participant improved his kettlebell pressing strength by 133%.

Another gained nine pounds of muscle - while LOSING three pounds of body fat in the process!

So I've decided to package up the exact training plan my beta testing group used to achieve such amazing strength and muscle - gaining kettlebell results in such a short amount of time, and make it available to YOU to implement in your OWN training - at a fraction of the original cost!

Now introducing ...
Kettlebell GAINZ
The Definitive Guide to Using Kettlebells to Gain Serious Strength and Size ... While Staying Athletic, Improving Your Conditioning, and Losing Fat at the Same Time!
Here's how the program works:
  • First thing to complete on signing up is the Kettlebell GAINZ baseline fitness testing. This is a series of simple kettlebell  and bodyweight - based fitness "tests" you'll take both at the beginning and end of the 6 week program. It's a SPECIFIC and QUANTIFIABLE way to measure your progress!
  •  The Kettlebell GAINZ training plan is broken into weekly "lessons".  Each week builds on the previous, so you'll consistently challenge yourself, and make measurable progress, throughout the program.
  •  This is one of - if not THE - most detailed training plan I've ever put together. In working with tens of thousands of customers and clients online over the last six years, I've learned what works - and what doesn't! - when it comes to the most effective way to program and coach kettlebell workouts on the internet. 
  •  For every kettlebell move in the program, I link to a video breaking how to do the exercise - so that you'll know how to complete every move, with perfect form.
  •  This is a COMPLETE training plan - so in addition to the three-times-per-week kettlebell workouts, you also get a daily mobility routine, dynamic warm ups, HIIT routines to perform 2-3x per week to get even faster results, and MUCH more.
Bonus #1 - Forest Vance "Athletic GAINZ" Diet

I'm 100% convinced that of the big reasons participants in the Kettlebell GAINZ Beta Test group were able to stay so lean - while at the same time, more than doubling their strength, and adding pounds of lean muscle, in just 6 weeks - was the special diet plan we used.

Now this plan is a bit controversial - so I don't want to reveal the details - but I'm going to give you the complete guide we used in the BETA test, FREE when your order.

It seems like every year another weight loss idea comes around that gets everyone excited, but then when people start doing it, they find out it’s too difficult to do with their current lifestyle, they give up and then everyone decides that particular idea was a scam or just doesn’t work.

This approach is different. It’s been around for literally thousands of years as a way to heal the body, maintain a healthy body weight, and bring mental clarity.

This is the eating approach I personally have adopted - as well as my top clients have adopted as well - to achieve next-level fitness results.  And this special report will teach you how you can benefit from this approach, to achieve weight loss, mental clarity, and so much more.

Bonus #2 - Kettlebell GAINZ Advanced

Normally, I make some sort of package additional workout plans available at a special price, when you purchase one of my programs.

This time, I am going to include this package for ALL who purchase the main program.

With your purchase, you'll also get a copy of my “Kettlebell Training Basics” package – 18 ADDITIONAL weeks of kettlebell workouts – so that you will have workouts to use moving forward after the initial six week training is over.

This is easily a $59 value - 100% FREE when you purchase Kettlebell GAINZ today.
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Here's How Mark Lost 25+ Pounds With My 6 Week Kettlebell Program

“I started doing some bodybuilding type exercises in my garage. I tried to set up a little garage gym with some dumbbells and a weight bench. I got myself down to about 190 and kind of getting back into shape and started to do a little bit of running. 

But then I started to get bored and I had kind of hit the wall and I wasn’t saying any more progress.

A friend of mine had been doing one of Forest's kettlebell programs, and was seeing some results, and sent me info on it.  So I said, ‘okay, that sounds interesting. I’ve never seen these kettlebells before, but anything that can be described as a cannonball with a handle, I’m going to check that out.’ So I signed up!

It was a six week class and it kicked my butt every workout, but I loved it. It burned me out, I was tired but I felt great and I was excited about my workouts again. 

So now I’m working out with kettlebells at home, getting the strength, but also getting the endurance. Getting blasted and I started seeing myself losing weight again. Here I am today down between 165 and 170 (25 pounds down). I’m never bored with my workouts because I can always switch it up. I know that I have a wide variety of things that I can do at home if I can’t make it to the gym. I’m always able to mix it up and keep it fresh.”

Check Out the Results LeAnne T - Another One of My Long - Time Distance Kettlebell Coaching Clients - is Getting

LeAnne is consistently losing 5-10 pounds per month, AND hitting new personal bests in her workouts every week - using my kettlebell training program.

Three things LeAnne is doing, that YOU can do too if you want similar results: 


I knew right away when we started working together that LeAnne was 100% IN, and committed to reaching her goals. Because from day one, she has been meticulous about logging her workouts, checking in to let me know how the program is going, sending me form videos to review when needed, and logging her food. This is the type of dedication and commitment it takes to reach your goals. No shortcuts or magic bullets. Just consistent hard work. 

Focusing on getting STRONG

Focusing on STRENGTH in LeAnne’s workouts is making a HUGE difference. She is gaining lean muscle, losing weight rapidly, and seriously transforming her body. I can see the difference in her progress photos, big time … and it seems like every couple of weeks, I’m getting a message from her saying that she is fitting into a smaller size dress or pants! 

Eating clean 

Focusing on lean proteins, veggies, fruits, healthy fats … drinking plenty of water … and avoiding processed carbs / sugars … is SIMPLE … but NOT easy. There are many things that go into changing your eating and doing it on a consistent basis – and it’s a lot more than just handing you a meal plan to follow. BUT … once LeAnne got this piece dialed in … she is losing a consistent 5-10 pounds, each and every month.   

LeAnne is a great inspiration for all of us. And, we can learn a lot from what’s working now in her training program!

My Unconditional, 100% Money - Back Guarantee
Do this: read just the first section and go through the first workout.

If you feel like you haven’t ALREADY gotten your money’s worth, then please contact me and I will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

Better still, take a full 60 days to do these workouts and benefit from them.

If for any reason at all you’re unsatisfied, contact me still and I will refund every penny of your purchase.
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Thanks, and take care -

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

PS - Did you read about the results we got with the beta Kettlebell GAINZ group? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain - order now!

PPS - I’m so confident you’ll love this program, you can get all your money back within the first sixty days if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, no questions asked.

PPPS - If you’re looking to get muscles and look lean with kettlebells in the shortest amount of time possible, grab your copy of Kettlebell GAINZ today!

NOTE: The Kettlebell GAINZ program is a series of downloadable PDF manuals. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-books and all the bonus reports onto your computer.