Ninja Warrior Circuit (Metabolic Monsters sample workout)

We did this workout at the end of a group workout I led this morning at FVT.

Says Nick, creator of the Metabolic Monsters program:

“Pushing yourself to use HEAVY resistance while training for fat loss offers tremendous benefits in terms of maintaining strength and muscle mass.

Plus, it’s WAY more fun.

THIS circuit is going to challenge every single major muscle group in your body, as well as your determination and mental toughness.”

Try it – I dare ‘ya! 😉


Ninja Warrior Circuit (sample workout from Metabolic Monsters)

This will be a 4 exercise, non-stop circuit done for 3-5 rounds. Take 2 minutes rest in between circuits. We’ll be covering an upper body push, a lunge, an upper body pull and a squat, essentially covering every major muscle group in your body:

– Exercise #1 – One-Arm Bench Push-Ups – 4-6 reps each arm (these are one-arm push ups, but you are using your other arm for a little assistance by putting it up on a bench etc)
– Exercise #2 – DB on Shoulder Walking Lunges – for distance (4 x 20 feet) (throw a heavy DB on one shoulder while you do the lunges; make sure to switch sides each round!)
– Exercise #3 – Bar Traversing – until something gives out (use a long pull – up bar etc; you’re going back and forth on the bar here)
– Exercise #4 – Dumbbell Jump Squats – 4 -6 reps (can be also done without DBs, depending on your fitness level etc)


Full exercise descriptions, with pictures and more detailed explainations, can be found in the full Metabolic Monsters program:

If you liked this cirucit, you’ll love Nick’s program. It’s got 75+ more circuits like it that will challenge your training clients (and you) in entirely new ways.

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To your success! –

– Forest Vance

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