(new video) Chin Ups / Pull ups for Beginners – the Hold

The chin up / pull up hold is a great exercise for beginners who are working towards their first chin up or pull up.

It’s great for building the strength and body awareness required for doing chin ups and pull ups.

I’ve also found it’s a great confidence-builder, and it helps people with overall just getting more comfortable on the bar!

Typically, when folks are just getting into doing chin ups / pull ups, and are learning to do this exercise, I like to start them off with a chin up grip. (“pull up grip” = palms facing away from you, “chin up grip” = palms facing towards you) Most people are a little stronger that way, and because of this, it seems to be the easiest way to get started.

To get into starting position for the move, the best way is to get assistance from a partner. (watch video for a demo)

Make sure you are practicing engaging the abs and using the whole body when you are holding yourself over the bar.

If you are just getting started, your first goal should be to hold yourself over the bar for 5 seconds. Once you can do that, your next goal should be to hold for 15 seconds. Once most people can hold for 15 seconds, it’s a good time to start doing negatives and/or trying their first full chin up / pull up rep.

Hope that helps, keep working hard, and to your success! –

– Forest Vance

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