[vid] 3 Minute Kick Boxer Abs Workout

In the off-season program of one of the pro football teams I played for, we had a karate instructor – everyone called him “Karate Bob” – come in every week to take us through a workout.

Those workouts were TOUGH … they contributed BIG time to our overall conditioning and all-around fitness level, as you might expect …

But one of the things I was actually the MOST surprised by was how sore my ABS always were after these training sessions.

It was a GREAT way to work the midsection, and get a strong, functional core.

That’s why when North American Kick Boxing Champ Mike Zhang reached out to me and wanted to do a guest article / video for FVT readers with an ab workout in the style of what we used to do back in KC, I was SUPER pumped!

Try this workout today, and let me know how it goes –

– Forest


3 Minute Kick Boxer Abs Workout

You’ll be doing the 3 exercises listed below for one minute each. If you want to make this a full workout, you repeat the sequence above 3-4 times. If you want to make it more of a finisher, you can add it on to the end of your existing training program:

– 1-2-1-2 sprawl / burpee
– long plank bird dog
– long plank walk out

To see how to do all the moves, watch the video below:

Mike gives some great coaching tips in the video for each move, and he also does the workout WITH you – so you can just hit play and follow along if you want.

This is different, and a lot of fun.

Get out of your comfort zone and give it a try :)

And if you want more workouts like this one, click the link below:

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