Feel Good Knees, Level 1 (“pain eliminator” stage)

If you feel resigned to a life of constant knee pain …

If you are missing out on valuable time with loved ones, missing out on the things that you want to do …

If you feel like you are sitting on the sidelines while life passes you by …

TODAY could be the first day on your path to healthy, happy knees … that allow you to live life on YOUR terms.

Here is a small sample from the comprehensive, 6 week “feel good knees” program I mentioned yesterday.

We had several folks write in wanting to get more info on the program, so wanted to give you a quick idea:


Level 1: Pain Eliminator Stage

*In this introductory level, we’ll be taking you through some very helpful exercises for alleviating the nagging pain you feel in and around your knees. We will also begin the process of strengthening the muscles and ligaments surrounding your knees.

*We will be using ISOMETRICS in this program – a simple, yet effective and easy exercise technique where you increase the tension in the muscles without moving your joints.

That probably sounds unusual, and it certainly is outside the norm of traditional exercise methods …

… but multiple university studies have concluded that isometrics successfully outperformed drugs or pills, in both pain relief and knee joint function.

– Standing Pigeon – 10x
– Reach the Sky – 10x
– Seated Knee Extension – 3×10, each knee
– Seated Pillow Squeezers – 3×10
– Seated Leg Raises in Chair – 3×10, each leg
– Seated Leg Curl – 3×10
– Patella Shaking Technique – 30 seconds each knee

*Pics / exercise descriptions, as well as full video demos, can be found in the “Feel Good Knees” program, HERE

*Todd has a great YouTube Channel, and demonstrates a lot of the exercises in this sequence, in various videos there. If you are not ready to do the full program quite yet, this is another resource where you can get more info on the exercises:



There is a sample from Level 1 (“pain eliminator stage”) of the Feel Good Knees program.

Hope that gives you a solid idea of what it’s about.

Get the full program here:


And here’s to less pain and more life! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

PS – In response to yesterday’s message on this same topic of knee pain, Karen writes

Thank you, Vance

I was so excited to see your subject….as my knee is talking to me today….

BUT too much to read in the copy …that does not compel me to buy

it was easier/faster for me to google “egoscue knee pain” to grab a
few routines that helped in the moment

(Karen linked to a few videos showing exercises to help with knee pain here)

BUT…I do appreciate your reminder to NOT take Advil or anti-inflammatories…


Thank you for the feedback Karen!

It does make a difference, and I appreciate it.

I know this is something that might be going through YOUR head also … so wanted to share …

Doing a Google search and grabbing a few routines that will help in the moment is fine …

… BUT, I would argue that it will NOT get you even close to the same results as a comprehensive, 6-week program that is laid out in a progressive, consistent manner, and that is designed to get you from point A to point B.

It would be similar to doing one-off kettlebell workouts – which is fine – or doing one of my full, continuous, progressive programs, intended and designed to work you towards a specific goal, which is going to get you exponentially better results.

Everyone is ready in their own time to do different things and I totally respect that … but consider this in your journey to becoming the best you! :)

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