5 EPIC gym fails (share it)

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll CRINGE.

But you know what?…

The Box Jump Fail

The Bench Press Fail

The Flexibility Fail

The Snatch Fail

The Treadmill Fail

…after nearly two decades in the coaching game, I’ve discovered the REALLY frightening “gym fails” are the ones that don’t go viral. The ones that aren’t caught on film. And the ones that almost no one seems to notice.

Fact is, more people get hurt in the gym every day with the LESS THAN EPIC gym fails… doing the most BASIC of exercises.

And it has NOTHING to do with stupidity or faulty equipment…

But has everything to do with the nagging little aches and pains that most people walk into the gym with and that seem to always crop up and interfere with their workouts.

They make exercise harder and more dangerous than it needs to be. And set you up for failure before you’ve even laced up your Chuck Taylors.

The question is, how do you deal with them?

Slow down? Take a break? Meds? Surgery? Booze?

Best advice I’ve come across yet:

=> How NOT To Be An Epic Gym Fail (and workout worry free instead)

To a less pain and a new you –

– Forest

PS – NEVER exercise through the pain. If pills and creams and wraps and braces help that’s great. But please be careful. These things typically only mask the pain. They almost never remedy the real cause of most chronic musculoskeletal pain. However, this little trick can


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