how to get FEED THE BEAST diet for free

Almost all “diet” advice you get from a variety of mainstream sources goes against our natural human

Humans like to EAT – me included! – so instead of trying to RESIST that urge, in what for majority of people is a life-long struggle – with FEED THE BEAST, we EMBRACE it, and instead build our diet AROUND it.

FEED THE BEAST is my new 21 Day “Rapid Shred” diet plan. And you can get it for free, when you get in on our upcoming 28 Day KB Strong – Performance Challenge (details below)

It is the newest iteration of my intermittant fasting approach that has worked for me and so many of my clients in recent years.

The basics of it are – eat all of your calories in an 8 hour
period. Choose a time frame that works for you. You can start at 9am and
finish at 5pm. You can start at 12 noon and finish at 8. Whatever works for
you. And it does not have to be the same 8 hours every day.

The full plan though goes into a lot more detail. Background and science behind it. How to calculate your daily needs, track your meals, and ensure best
results . 18 100% done-for-you meal plans designed by a registered dietitian that tell you EXACTLY what to eat and when to eat it . And more.

There is a video presentation, you get the mp3 version, and of course the main manual with all the meals plans too.

And again, you can get the full plan – for FREE – when you get in on our upcoming 28 Day KB Strong – Performance Challenge.

If you are looking to take your kettlebell workouts to the next level, get the best results, maybe even get in the best shape ever! – this is going to be a perfect fit.

We are going to focus on getting you stronger and in better shape in this Challenge, by using some special methods to help you:

– Do more / heavier KB swings
– Do more / heavier KB presses

And more.

And as a RESULT … by focusing on getting stronger and performing better in your workouts … you are going to get into awesome shape at the same time

If you are interested, here is all we need from you:

1 – Double check that you meet the requirements

– You need at least 2 KBs (8k or 12k and 12k or 16k for women; 12k or 16k and 20k or 24k for men)
– You need to be able to commit to training for 20-30 minutes, 3 days per week for the next 28 days
– You need to be committed to giving it your best and making an honest effort

2 – Reply to this email, and let us know:

– What your big fitness goals are for 2018
– WHY you would be a good fit, and why we should pick you for this Challenge

If it looks like it’s a good fit, we will reply back to you personally with all the details and how to sign up.

Get back with us ASAP if you are interested, and we will hook you up with the details on how it works and how to sign up!

Thanks for taking the time, and we look forward to hearing from you! –

– Forest Vance and the FVT Team (personal blog)
Kettlebell Basics (Facebook)

PS – We have 8 spots left in the Challenge as I write this. Please get back to us ASAP if you are interested!

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