ATTN strong women!

Starting TOMORROW, Monday Dec 18th, we will be accepting applications for our Superwoman Strong beta test group!

Stay tuned for details 🙂

In the meantime, I was wondering if you could help me with a quick favor?

You see, we want to get you the best possible results. And we want to make sure that we know EXACTLY what you want and need.

So here is the favor I ask of you. Please let us know in the comments section of this blog post:

– What is your #1 fitness goal?
– What is the biggest problem keeping you from reaching it?

As our way of saying thanks, we will be picking a random person from the folks who take the time to help us out with this, to win a FREE spot in the 8 week program!

Please enter now. We look forward to hearing from you!

– Forest Vance and the FVT Team

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  • I’m not sure what’s my #1 goal but one is to be stronger. I haven’t decided how strong I want to be though. All I know is that I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder. My biggest problem with this is finding balance with my diet. I’m still kind of a picky eater.

  • Fitness and Menopause. I have endurance, and am strong. I need help shaping my body, and losing about 30lbs. I had cancer and lost 70lbs after that. Since I’ve hit menopause, I need something to kick it up a notch and get me super fit at 50 years old – February 27 is my 50th birthday.

  • Lori

    Conquer all of the spartan race obstacles.
    We don’t have a very versatile gym in the town I live.

  • Ryan McCarthy

    My #1 fitness goal is to qualify for strongman nationals, which I know is super specific.

    The thing in the way of this goal is getting stronger without putting on excess weight. (To stay in my weight class)


  • Karen

    My #1 fitness goal is to lose body fat and get toned. The biggest problem keeping me from reaching my goal is knowing what to do and what to eat to get there.

  • Karen

    My #1 fitness goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle strength and definition. The biggest problem keeping me from reaching it is knowing what to do and what to eat to get there.

  • Julie Gualco

    I am very goal oriented. Currently I am focused in being able to do 1 overhanded pull up. I can do a regular push up now and I am encouraged with my progress each week. My obstacle is my sweet tooth. I am sure there is some sort of balance and look forward to finding it. Thank you for all of the encouragement and opportunities you offer to become the best self at my age.

  • Katherine

    My goal is be at about 13% body fat so I can maintain both cardio and strength in my workouts. I’m at about 15% right now. My biggest challenge is my sweet tooth, and finding balance in my nutrition and general life!

  • Jodi Moore

    I want to be strong and healthy and stay off my cholesterol medicine! I don’t want medication of any kind! I have a motivation problem. I work alot and don’t always workout when I could. Help!

  • Alison Smoot

    My #1 fitness goal is to gain mobility and strength.
    My greatest obstacle is overcoming my old way of thinking about eating. I “allow” myself this or that because I have done something good, but end up “allowing” it for alike a week instead of just once.

  • Angel

    My #1 fitness goal is to just be a better and healthier me. I was diagnosed with cancer about 2yrs ago and had rounds of chemo and radiation…..the weight fell off as a result. My starting weight was 267lbs….my weight as of today is about 170lbs. I changed my diet completely, I don’t eat meat 2 days of the week and removed pork from my diet completely, however, I have a lot of loose skin and no muscle tone….so I guess my goal is to strengthen my body and add muscle tone. I just turned 55 December 14, and I want to live the healthiest and strongest that I can be.

  • Ann

    1. Well I want to get fit. I have asthma and would like to get my air. Loose at least 40#.
    2. Motivation is my biggest, what to eat and what to. Love kettlebell, just not sure which ones to do.

  • Christi

    I would like to compete with the kettle bell. I would like to be the best in my age group. My biggest problem is knowing what to do to.

  • Terri Walsh

    The stay consistent and on a schedule. To gain strength in areas where I’m weak. To celebrate accomplishments and learn from mistakes. To be kind to myself and allow rest. To become a better role model for my son. This a learning process so knowledge is my biggest problem .


    My goal is to get back to the extreme fit that I was, becoming once again muscled,defined, &,strong &,be off my colesteral & diabetic meds. My diet is extremely clean. My physical life is not as active as before, due to change in habitat, lack of funds to re-join fitness courses, or purchase fitness equipment. I’m seeing muscle atrophy, &;it’s really creeping me out. My concern is also getting onto the slippery slope of scarponia. Yikes! 😨 I’m 56 years young, & plan on getting better & better. Although I’m more “fit &;trim ” than the majority of women my age, I will continue to do all that I can to keep moving “backwards”- in a good way – as in aging.
    And that’s how I role. Lol

  • Pamela Flores

    Im 47 years young and have always been active. Now i am still pretty active but cant seem to gain muscle and burn fat as quick as I’d like to. Due to my torn rotator cuffs, ROM is limited but i still carry on and push myself. Ive tried working out 1 hr, ive done HIIT, going as heavy as my equipment allows here at home and adding a high intensity cardio. Its difficult to workout everyday because of everday tasks and one hour is sometimes not doable. I know if i tweak here and there i can reach my goals. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your time and knowledge that you share with all of us. Be blessed!

  • maria

    i like the concept of “general physical preparedness.” there are winter time activities, for example, that i’d like to enjoy but want to minimize the injury risks and my enjoyment by having a more balanced body. however, i have no idea how to put such a strength program together. most i know spend a bbboorrriinngg hour on a treadmill and then so sit-ups; i don’t want that!!

  • EJ

    Obstacle age mid 60’s

  • theresa cahill

    1. I want to lose fat and about 50 lbs. I need to learn how to eat healthier
    2. My biggest problem is motivation and huge case of procrastination.

  • Laura

    My #1 fitness goal is to increase my strength and aerobic capacity for rowing.
    The biggest obstacles for me right now are battling burnout and regaining strength in my shoulder that was injured last year.

  • Mary

    I would like to be stronger and faster. I am in the low 30% body fat and want a percentage in the high teens. I have 3 kids under 6 and a mentally absent husband to take care of.

  • admin

    THANK YOU for your help everyone, great comments here and much appreciate you taking the time! We will be picking a winner shortly, stay tuned! 🙂

  • admin

    THANK YOU to all who took the time to leave feedback on the blog or on the Facebook page, to help us really serve you the most with this. We really appreciate it, and it really helps!

    It was so hard to pick winners, that we actually decided to pick TWO:


    I will be sending you a message later today on how to get things going 🙂

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