11.9.17 UPDATE

THANK YOU to all the folks who entered the contest to win a free copy of REGENERATE!

I read all of the entries personally. I so appreciate your kind words and am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve you in your journey to better fitness. If the work I do and what I create helps improve your life even just a little bit, it’s all worth it!

But as tough as it was, we had to pick 2 winners.

Big congrats to … Christine and Pat!

We will get the REGENERATE program to you right away.

Thanks again to everyone else who entered the contest. If you would like to purchase the program, it is now available – at pre-sale pricing for the 1st 100 customers – using THIS LINK.


I am putting the finishing touches on a brand new program, called REGENERATE.


It is a simple recovery program, designed specifically for lifters and athletes.

It is a combination of yoga poses, static stretches, core exercises and more combined into simple sequences that take 3 to 6 minutes to do, that require no special equipment.

Not to mention, they will also help you reduce chronic pain, improve mobility / flexibility, and feel amazing!

For example, there are sequences to help you recover from:

– A workout where you did a lot of KB swings
– A hardcore sprinting session
– A big overhead pressing day

And many more.

Now the full program will be available tomorrow, Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 … but as we get the finishing touches of the delivery process ironed out, and simply as my of saying THANKS to YOU, a loyal FVT blog / newsletter reader, I’ve decided to give away TWO free copies of the program.

All you have to do to win your copy is leave a comment on this post detailing (in 250 words or less) how you think the REGENERATE system would improve your quality of life.  Tell me why you need access to this information at this point in your life.

I’ll have my assistant go through and pick the winning submission, so the contest is as fair as possible. And all I’ll ask for is a little feedback from the winner after they’ve gone through the program.

Leave a comment below to get entered to win … and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox to get first word of when REGENERATE goes on sale!

Thanks –

– Forest Vance, MS
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

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  • lance

    This is the book that I have been looking for. I want a plan that includes yoga and stretching for post workouts and non-lifting days. I believe this is the last piece I need to take my workouts to a new level.

  • Jon D

    I love the body weight/kettlebell workouts. They keep things interesting and fresh along with the updated information in my email!

  • Christine Spassione

    My trainer is integrating a lot of kettlebell moves into my workouts to strengthen and lengthen hamstrings and quads – which includes “unlearning” incorrect techniques I was taught by less-experienced trainers. I definitely see a difference in what I am re-learning (swings and squats), and learning new (Turkish get-up and windmills), and I also have gained more physical coordination overall. Being able to win this book would definitely help with what he is integrating into my workouts.

  • Ron Jones

    I hope i’m The lucky winner!

  • Bo Davenport

    A set program to help relieve the daily aches of teaching high school physical education and weight training and fitness classes where I seem to forget that my 45 year old body cannot keep pace with my 16 year old students would be a life saver!

  • Charles

    For starters, I don’t think that this program will just help me but it will also help my future wife. I know that she is wants to start working out again but I think that she is afraid and I will support her and having a program that also helps with eliminating soreness and helping with reviving and rejuvenating the body after an intense workout will help her be able to stick to her goals easier and we will be able to work together toward both of our goals.

  • Mike Foster

    I am returning to weight training one year after being diagnosed with to protruding discs in my back. Forgoing surgery, I am gently resuming strength training with weights and resistance bands and would welcome a post workout program to help me manage chronic back pain as I return to being a fit forty-something. Thank you for considering me!

  • I have flexibility issues in my back and hips so I’d love some kind of program to follow to change this. I watch these workouts and my body just won’t roll that way (i.e.dive bomber pushups). I’m hoping that REGENERATE will enable me to begin to do more exercises

  • Marlene

    I’m 52yo but (try to) keep up w/ the young’n ones in class. I’ve been active all my life – basketball & fast pitch softball thru out school, slow pitch ball once out of school, running (lots of damage from that), good ole step aerobics and now a great strength training & conditioning format (class setting). I’m not 25 any more and definitely need a program that helps me w/ the aches & pain of all those years being active.

  • Tank

    I was over 600 pounds and have lost one person’s body weight but have leveled out and having a son has gave me more motivation but I need more tools to start the process of weight loss again so I can be healthy for myself and my son

  • Scott

    I am always looking for ways to recover as l enjoy training really hard but seem to lack in recovery. I would really like to see what your tips can do for my recovery.

  • I am excited to have this book be apart of my process to incorporate into my clients recovery but especially for one of my clients with autism that works hard, kick butt day in and day out with no excusses… now a little bit how it will help is that he has had surgery on his back with a rod implanted into his spine head to talk bone, he aches and pains each day during workout and just watching tv or basically all the time he has never used it as an excuse he only drive’s harder and since working out he has lost in 3 and half months 36 pounds and it has helped exponentially on his pain, but this book will direct the best approach to help make his life better overall as I just want to help him reach his goals pain free.

  • Dave Chiasson

    As a 67 year old elite athlete who at 66 competed in American Ninja Warrior Season 8, compete in Senior games Feats of Strength (worlds record in my age bracket for 200 lb Farmers Walk for 50 M) and competitor in Senior Games track and field during event specific training times put in a lot of heavy work. At my age recovery takes longer so I am always looking for new and improved methods to help speed things along. I would love to try your program and would gladly provide feedback. I am hoping to apply for Season 11 of ANW in 2019.
    Move More = Age*Less

  • Mike Bosch

    I would appreciate the opportunity to add stretching, yoga and core exercises to my workouts. I am 53 and continue to have nagging injuries that heal so slowly-currently scapular issues in my right shoulder. I am ready to sign up for your training programs but have held off because I am struggling to get my shoulders healthy. As I get older, my body is teaching me the importance of a balanced approach that includes weights/kb, rest and stretching. Your program will be the next step in getting and keeping myself healthy.

  • Kobby

    I’m 53, 1.78m, 72kg and train myself and young athletes. I also deadlift 160kg apart from other exercises. Can get really beat up after a period but hearing about regenerate with yoga, I know I’m at the right place. Redemption is here for me. Thanx. Oh I’m in Ghana, west Africa.

  • Arla Corbin

    I have an empty nest for the first time in many years. I have always tried take care of myself and have fallen way short due to depression and anxiety some other major stressors. I have always enjoyed a great work out. I am trying to reinvent myself and the jewels in this book would be a blessing, as I move forward and know it would be a great asset to this girl lady. I feel like a girl at times. It would be a great asset to my new growth as an awesome woman to be!

  • Anne Schmidt

    I could really use this program to help increase my flexibility to help with all my day to day chores. I have recently gone through some health issues and my flexibility and strength has suffered tremendously. I am recovered from my shoulder surgery as far a most of my range of motion is back to normal but my knees are really bad and my hip flexors as well. I have always wanted to do some yoga but there are no places around for me to go and practice this discipline. Please keep me in mind when you are picking your winner. Thanks so much Forest for this opportunity. I have one or two of your workout programs and love them.

  • Junior

    This is a perfect compliment to the kettlebell workouts that I do. Yoga poses and recovery exercises that are designed to work on the areas that need immediate recovery with out going to a yoga or pilates class which personally I tend not to make the time for. I like the fact that they are specifically set uo to work alongside certain fitness programmes and that their duration is of a short time period as frankly everyone is always in a rush these days.

  • Trevor Krieger

    Was pretty sick a while ago. Haven’t been able to get back into working out. Thus seems to be the perfect tool to assist in full recovery and work out regimen. Also, it would benefit my whole family

  • Junior

    This is a perfect compliment to the kettlebell workouts that I do. Yoga poses and recovery exercises that are designed to work on the areas that need immediate recovery with out going to a yoga or pilates class which personally I tend not to make the time for. I like the fact that they are specifically set up to work alongside certain fitness programmes and that their duration is of a short time period as frankly everyone is always in a rush these days.

  • Junior

    This is a perfect compliment to the kettlebell workouts that I currently do. By the sounds of the programme you have taken out the guess work of which stretches do do and put them into a nice packaged programme that will save time and get better recovery results in a shorter time frame. Sound perfect.

  • Almost all of us know that growth comes with proper recovery. Having read one of the above comments from a 67 year old athlete brings me to my fact of being 69 – 10 months from now I’ll be a whole 70 years old. Still lifting and working out 7 days each week. I certainly know when I’ve hit a problem body part as I’m sore for multiple days. This doesn’t happen very often because I’m smart with and know my own body and it’s ability to recover. Would be awesome to have a copy of “Regenerate” to help my recovery time and take my physique to the next level. Help me Forest! Current photo taken in September 2017

  • Barb Applegate

    Sounds just like what I have been looking for to do on days when my joints are killing me.

  • Andrea Moorw

    i’m excited about this program. i’ve been looking for a recovery program that compliments my strength training and my lifestyle. as a project manager my job requires sitting behind a laptop for 12 to 16 hours a day. no amount of exercise can counteract all that sitting so a program like this will compliment both my recovery and pre-hab from sitting so much… can’t wait!

  • bill

    I was in great shape especially for my age and never had any major health issues until I had a stroke and was also diagnosed with cancer two years ago. It has been tough trying to get everything back. I work as hard as I can and it looks like REGENERATE is exactly what I need on many levels.

  • Apple

    I lift weights, and also do kettlebell trainings occasionally. I normally stretch after an intense workout but my knowledge stops there. I still feel uncomfortable the next day and feel sour everywhere. I always wanted a book like this that can teach me how to relax my body, how to release the stress.

  • Mark

    At 45 years old, I’ve recently transitioned to a new stage in life, with a 3 1/2 year old running around the house (we adopted internationally). My body has really started to feel the effects of trying to maintain my workout routine (mostly body weight routines) and keep up with an energetic 3 year old. REGENERATE sounds like exactly what I need.

  • Id be interested in this product, not only for myself, but the athletes I work with. We have a challenging travel / game schedule and am always looking for different ways to get the players moving better after long trips.

  • Karen

    Being able to move functionally thru all planes of motion is what I strive to do in my workouts. Its only in the last few years that I have tried to adopt mobility before, within and after workouts. I am eager to try Regenerate to continue with some more great ideas to stay strong and mobile as I age.

  • +Pat+

    I’m a retired military man and a high-mileage athlete. Run, swim, and KB, and bodyweight workouts are my main staple. I need a program that will help me actively recover so I can get back to doing the things I love. I follow many of Forrest Vance’s programs and this one will be a nice capstone to them. Winning this book will be awesome, but if I don’t, I’ll still end up purchasing it.

  • Apple

    I lift weights, and do kettle bell trainings occasionally. I sometimes do stretches after an intense workout, but my knowledge stops here. I don’t know what kind of stretches/warm ups I should do to prevent my body from getting sour or tired the next day, I don’t know if the stretches I am doing are the right ones for me. I’ve always wanted a book like this that can guide me, help me relax my body, and feel better!

  • Renette S

    I’m a 48 year old mom and wife who’s not taken the time to stretch after years of weightlifting, teaching GEX classes, training for bodybuilding comprttions. I’m tight everywhere, this can be an easy addition to my weekly routines.

  • Daylan Thomas

    Would love the book always looking for new avenues of training

  • Brian Saling

    Being in that 60+ age group I have found that flexibility and mobility is more important then ever. However, I have also found that I am not very flexibility or mobile. Any help in that area would definitely improve my KB and Military style training.

  • Val Jaffe

    At 53, the consequences of being “rode hard & put away wet” have caught up to me – I pushed myself really hard in my younger years, paying the price w/a bad back & multiple equestrian-related injuries (mostly, ahem, falls – it’s really not a question of IF you fall, but WHEN if you ride frequently). Anyway, I’ve slowed down a bit but would like to get back to lifting & kettlebells which were enjoyable for this aging jock.


    Having suffered two strokes, I need a guide for physical exercises for my therapy. This book may be a big help for my recovery.

  • Sean

    I am 40 urs old been lifting for only 3 years and would love to learn new ways to keep my journey in fitness going and ways to work out and help keep my body going.

  • John Copeland

    Weight and resistance exercising can impose stresses even when younger, but for those over 60 there is the added aim of trying to combat ageing. This resource looks as though it would a very useful addition to the armoury of increasing mobility and flexibility whilst minimising DOMs and chronic pain – whether through stretches [static or dynamic], yoga poses, stabilising and strengthening the core, or indeed combinations of these. To have this resource would be a great bonus – and I’d gladly keep you posted as to progress!

  • Kyle

    I’m 42 years old and I am battling back from many injuries and surgeries. I am getting back into shape finally but am struggling with the aches and pains of not only strenuous workouts at this age but also the lagging after effects of the injuries. At first glance, this appears to be the final piece of the puzzle to get back into the best shape I can be. To finally RECOVER from these past several years of pain and to finally perform and move without issue. To be able to have the mobility back and perhaps even better than ever. To be able to engage in the physical activities that I love (including a return to professional wrestling which would mean more to me than I could ever express). To be able to train at maximum capacity and to maximum gain. I truly believe this could be a Godsend! I’m tired of being in pain. I’m tired of fighting through it to try to get back into shape. The recovery part of the equation I’ve never been good at. Never done well. I NEED it now more than ever. Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate it immensely!

  • Allisa

    I believe recovery is important to achieve progress with lifting. It allows you to perform at maximal levels and the right recovery will help you feel less sore and tight before your next workout. Instead of taking a day off until you feel 100% there are deep stretches and cardio that can release the tension in your muscles. I would love to get my hands on this to learn more recovery tactics and get moving quickly after heavy lifting.

  • Dan

    I’m a Police Officer, which means I put a lot of stress on my body both on and off the job. As I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to recognize that I need to keep up with my recovery efforts as I don’t heal as well as I did when I was younger.

    I was injured on the job a few years ago and that was a real wake up in regards to how my body heals and deals with stress as I get older. It took me far longer to get back to my full duties that I could have imagined, and even now I experience significant discomfort as a result of that injury.

    The combinations of these factors has made your new program seem very appealing, as it seems to help busy people bridge the gap between life and workouts and take better care of themselves. Thanks for putting it together, and the opportunity to win a copy!

  • I’m 65, and have been working out hard for 10 years. Perform various exercise protocols, including Tabata, Kettlebell, Free Weights and Aerobics. I’ve hurt my back severely one year ago, though I’ve had chronic pain in various muscles, tendons, and spine. I want to keep on working hard, so would love to incorporate your regenerate routines to help me to continue to “stay young”. Thanks

  • Khan-Marie Christine Crump

    My new love ❤️
    I wake excited every morning to be with you.
    Curse you during the day as my muscles ache.
    Retire every evening to dream of you….
    Oh Regenerate please help me continue my love affair xxx

  • michelle

    will this book would and will benefit me and my family which i introduce a healthy n crossfit life style in the past yr n half. i am introducing others to this outfit and would like to use this book as a training aid also.

  • Nicole Mercier

    Looking for something to keep this 51+ year old body in the best shape of my life! Got a late start with working out and being healthy….loving how much I love kettle bell workouts!!

  • Tom

    I’ve workout most of my life and have done mostly KBs the last decade or so. The adage of ‘it’ s not how much work you can do, it’s how much you can recover from’ has increasingly become true in my senior years. I view this program as something that will help along these lines.

  • Richard Griffin

    After working 45 years in the fire service and maintaining my fitness to be able to do the job, I often neglected the recovery portion. Stretching and flexibility was and is an important part of staying healthy in the fire service. Now that I am retired, my body is tired and I often wake up to tightness all over my body. Regeneration of my body is important for me to remain healthy in my remaining years.

  • bill

    a warrior is never old at heart, only his muscles and joints are from years of pushing them to the limit. A way to overcome the limitations of age means a way both mind, heart and body can be in sync.

  • Chris

    This would be excellent to help with the missing piece of my fitness puzzle. From my days in the early 90’s of the military grind to my current time as a police officer. I’ve taken pride in being able to keep myself in as good as shape as possible. I train not only to keep myself in shape but to make sure that my mind and body can withstand what my job as a police officer can throw my way on a daily basis. Regenerate would prove to be a savior to stay at the top of my game on the job as well as in my time away from the job.

  • I’m an endurance athlete (marathoner, triathlete, ultra runner) AND I like to lift heavy (was deadlifting more than double my body weight last April before I started a long, run-focused block). Sometimes, in my mid-40s, the combination of the two leaves me feeling like I need a little more recovery than I’d like to take. I believe this program would help me not only feel better during training, but also help me recover better after a race.

  • Jim Lilley

    I am 61 year old fitness instructor, spinning instructor and personal trainer. I totally enjoy working with an older demographic, helping and teaching them to lead an active lifestyle. My clients work hard at their strength training and cardio work but as they tend to be older and having been inactive for a number of years before starting an exercise routine with me they lack flexibility and are challenged with mobility. The exercises and tips that Regenerate will provide will be invaluable to my clients. I look forward to incorporating Regenerate into their routines!

  • Janet

    A few years back I was searching for info on kettlebells. I wasn’t sure exactly what they were all about but for some reason I gravitated toward them. I stumbled upon Forest’s videos on proper swing and warming up. The videos were done outside (I want to say next to a garage or something) and a little on the edgy side. Forest and his videos have come a long way, but the instruction has always been spot on. The first time I went to a ‘kettlebell gym’ an instructor approached me and wanted to know what other gym I had been to because I had a text book swing. I had never swung a kettlebell before! My whole life I’ve felt tight and struggled with stretching to warm up and warm down. Knowing how great Forest’s approach and instruction is… I’m thinking this is what I need and it will work for me. I already know it.

  • When I wake up next Tuesday on my 64th b’day I will spend the first 5 minutes flat on my back stretching before swinging my legs over the side and doing 5 more. I earned my osteoarthritis while serving half of my Navy career as a SEAL operator. While I wouldn’t trade away any of this for anything, I would relish additional means of getting some relief from the pain and stiffness brought on by my gym equipment – my shovel, rake, axe, wheelbarrow, timbers, boulders, and firewood.

  • Stephen Green

    As an aged fitness warrior who is in the process of getting qualified as a health and fitness professional this resource would help me to get rid of some of the aches and pains developed after 56 years of would also add to my knowledge base allowing me to enhance my clients experience in their quest for health and fitness.this resource would also ensure that i can remain fit and active guiding clients to health and fitness.

  • Christi Carter

    I’m a 58 year young athlete. I really need to boost up my recovery game. I have been working on it with food and supplements and this would be a great addition to my recovery program.💪💪💪

  • Alison Smoot

    I started out doing HITT, then switched to heavy lifting after having plantar fasciitis surgery on my left foot. I have always loved yoga, but found it hard to incorporate. I am also having plantar fasciitis surgery on my right foot and I think this would be the perfect program to recouperate with and integrate all my favorite moves! Plus, it sounds like something that would be fun to teach in the future.

  • Rob D

    I am a certified personal trainer and a suffered a broken back, that took many years to repair, and those are 2 areas that I can always use more idea and improvement in. I can apply the concepts to my client nets training, but also my own well being. It would be a great honor to have your knowledge in my library!

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