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Researchers at Lillehammer University College recruited men and had them follow a bodybuilding- style programfor 11 weeks.

Two days a week, they trained only their left biceps.

On two additional days per week, they trained their legs via anabolic priming protocols followed by a training session for the right biceps.

After 11 weeks, the right biceps, which had been trained during the same session as legs, was significantly bigger and stronger than the left biceps.

1 rep max for the legs and bicep training increased about 10%.

Plasma testosterone was up 10% and GH concentration was nearly 40x more.

The researchers concluded that the excess testosterone and GH due to anabolic priming techniques were responsible for the additional growth and strength in the right arm.

This research is what spawned the idea for this protocol:

Anabolic Priming

Anabolic Priming is a cutting-edge and scientifically-provensystem that unleashes floodsof anabolic hormones in your body, creating the prefect environment for more muscle, better recovery and more strength.

It also prepares and activates your muscles, joints, nervous system, and even your psychology and mind, for any type of workout you are about to do.

An overview of how you would do it looks like:

1 – Begin your weightlifting session with 3-4 sets of deadlifts or squats at 85 – 95% of your 1 RM (if you don’t know your 1 RM, aim for 2 – 6 repetitions). Start with 1-2 warm up sets, working your way up.
2 – Rest no longer than 60 seconds between sets
3 – Perform your traditional combined upper body/lower body routine or split routine as normal

VERY interesting.

This is a very top-level overview of the technique – I recommend you check out the full Anabolic Priming program if you want to try implementing this into your routine:

Anabolic Priming

If you try it, let me know how it goes, okay?

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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