Minimalist Muscle – 42 Day Challenge is LIVE!



– Are short on time
– Are training with limited equipment
– Do your workouts in a small space – like your living room, or in a corner of your garage

… and you are FRUSTRATED, because you feel like these are obstacles getting in the way of you getting into the physical shape you want to be in …

The Minimalist Muscle – 42 Day Challenge is for YOU!

You see, there is a park in our neighborhood where we take our kids regularly.

I have made friends with several of the parents of the other kids who go there.

Recently, I’m chatting with one of the dads. He knows that I am a personal trainer, and he starts asking me about what workouts he should do to lose some body fat, gain some muscle, and get into shape.

He says that he REALLY wants to get into better shape, but he has limited available time, space, and training equipment to work with.

I got to thinking, and realized that he is not alone. That these are very real obstacles to getting in shape, for a huge number of people.

But they truly do NOT have to be!

Because the simple truth is that you do NOT need hours per day, lots of fancy equipment, or a gym membership to get results.

Literally – you can probably use equipment you already have, train in your garage or back yard, spend no more than 90 minutes per WEEK – and get killer results.

All you need is dedication, effort, consistency, and a solid plan.

And that’s why I came up with the Minimalist Muscle – 42 Day Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

– Start the process by clicking the link below, and submitting your application.

– If you are accepted, you’ll get a complete “minimalist” training plan designed to help you build muscle, lose fat, and get into top shape, in 42 days.

– You’ll need a couple of kettlebells OR dumbbells, and access to a pull up bar OR a suspension trainer to do the workouts. They will take you about 20 minutes to complete, 4 days per week.

– You will get a new workout delivered to you each week during the program.

– You’ll get an extremely detailed breakdown of the workouts in written form, as well as links to video walk-thrus of how to do all the exercises in the workout plan.

– You’ll also get a meal plan to follow for the 42 days, to help you reach your goals even faster.

– I will require that you check in regularly, saying how your workouts are going, how your diet is going, etc.

– Any time you have a question, you can post that too, and I will get right back with you. This is the serious accountability that people need to truly get the results!

– If you have questions about your form / technique on any of the exercises in the program, you can post a video of you doing the movement to critique.

This is not just a plan for you to follow. It’s a true coaching program, where I hold you accountable to getting your workouts done, and help you every step of the way.

If you are interested, fill out the application form below, and we’ll see if we can get you in (The cost for the Minimalist Muscle – 42 Day Challenge – IF you are accepted – is a one-time payment of $99):

Look forward to hearing from you! –

Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Master of Science, Human Movement
Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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