“Hollywood X” workout (print this off)

The strategy behind Hollywood X is to build the “Hollywood 5” muscles.

Making these muscles a priority in your training program will make it look like you’ve gained 10-15 lbs of muscle, even if you’ve only gained 2-3 lbs.

THIS is how Zac Efron got jacked for Baywatch, and how Chris Hemsworth got jacked for his role in Thor.

The strategy we use to build these muscles is the latest science of High Frequency Training.  The science specifically states that if you want to build a body part quicker, you’ll need to train it more often.

Basically the OPPOSITE of how most people have trained to build muscle for the last 40 years!

ALSO – and this IS based on research – there are certain exercises that will sculpt your body in all the right places.

For example, when you build your chest, the goal is to focus on the upper chest.  This creates the illusion of a bigger and wider chest.

Knowing this fact, a flat barbell bench press isn’t going to be your best chest builder.  You’ll need to use more “unique” exercises.

Finally, the research also shows that each body part has a certain rep range and rest period in which it responds best to growth.

Each muscle group is a mixture of Slow Twitch and Fast Twitch muscle fibers.  Some muscle groups are fast twitch dominant, some are slow twitch dominant, and some are in between.

Hollywood X takes all of this cutting edge science and research and bundles it into one of the most effective training programs you’ll ever try.

Keeping ALL of this in mind, here’s a sample workout from Hollywood X:

1 – Push Press – 3×6; 3 mins rest between sets
2 – Weighted Pull Ups – 3×6-8; 3 mins rest between sets
3 – Incline DB Press – 4×6; 3 mins rest between sets
4 – Lateral Raise – 3×6-8; 2 mins rest between sets
5 – Front Squat – 4×6; 3 mins rest between sets
6 – Barbell Curl – 2×6-8; 1-2 mins rest between sets
7 – Skull Crushers – 2×6-8; 1-2 mins rest between sets

Note: Superset the Barbell Curl with Skull Crushers.  All other exercises are to be done via straight sets.

The workout above is Workout 1, Week 1, Phase 3 from the 3-Day per week Hollywood X workout schedule.

As you can see, the goal of the first 5 exercises is to build the “Hollywood 5” (minus the traps, as we are training them on other days).

The last 2 exercises are designed to build up your arms (as big arms are 2nd most important to the “Hollywood 5”).

The workout may seem simple on paper, and it is, but the whole purpose of Hollywood X is to use the latest science to build a body like a celebrity while STILL HAVING A LIFE.

This means you’ll only train 3 times per week and build an incredible body, using a simple program that is based on science, and works.

Give this workout a try when you go to the gym today, and if you love it, come back and grab Hollywood X on sale here:

=> http://bit.ly/foresthollywoodx

The sale ends Friday at midnight, so don’t miss out on building a body like a superhero.

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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