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For YEARS, I took Flintstone’s Gummies Multiviamins.

It’s true!

I read that it was good to do on forum thread – great place to get your advice, right?!? – and just kept doing it as habit without thinking.

Finally as I got a bit older … and health, energy, and optimum function becomes the priority … I do a bit more research for myself … and it turns out that I could be taking a higher-quality, more appropriate multi vitamin for my needs and goals :)

Previnex is the one I take now. There is a WORLD of different in the quality – and the results.

I feel overall an increased energy level and decrease in the amount I get sick, among other things.

Check out the product at the link below:

And use the code “FitnessMonster” at check out for 15% off your first order.

Thanks, let me know if you pick this up, and how it works for you –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – Previnex has some other top-quality supplements as well, including:

Meal Replacement
Joint Health
Omega 3′s
Digestive Health

They are all top quality and get my stamp of approval.

And your 15% off code will work on your first order with any of their products!

Use the link below:

PPS – Maybe the most unique and coolest thing Previnex is doing is their Get Health, Give Health™ Program:

Through our the Previnex Get Health, Give Health™ Program, you’re helping to make a meaningful difference in a child’s life.

For every order, we donate a bottle of children’s vitamins to the most at-risk, in-need children around the world!

17,000 children worldwide die from malnutrition every day. As many as 7,700 die each day from vitamin deficiencies, not starvation.

This is unacceptable, largely preventable, and a crisis that should not exist in our society.

By providing a children’s vitamin to the most at-risk and in-need children, we can do our part to eradicate this horrible issue and the suffering that goes along with it.

At Previnex, we’re committed to making an impact on everyone we serve: from customers, to the most at-risk children around the world. Our goal is to help maximize human potential, fight this horrible injustice, and promote human flourishing. At our healthiest, we’re able to make our greatest impact, and we believe in using our business and resources to promote human flourishing on all levels, especially for the most vulnerable children around the world.

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