3 ways to get GAINZ – no gym required

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You DO NOT need a gym membership to get in shape.

This is what the mainstream thinking, driven by corporate profits, wants you to believe … but it just isn’t true.

However, if you’ve tried getting into shape on your own before, and it hasn’t worked out as you’d hoped, it’s probably not your fault.

Strangely, it’s not due to a LACK of information … but probably TOO MUCH.

Because there is SO much info on working out and dieting out there, it’s hard to know what to believe!

But the truth is, focus on the basics, as well as consistency and determination, will ALWAYS get results.

Where you are training, what equipment you are using, etc – really doesn’t matter, if you know what you’re doing.

Here are 3 ways you can get your GAINZ – no gym required:

1 – Bodyweight Workouts

You can do bodyweight workouts like this one ANYWHERE, using nothing but your own body as your gym:

15 bodyweight squats
10 push ups
5 burpees

5 rounds for time

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2 – Hill Sprints

Hill sprints are safer than standard sprints, they improve your running form, and they are amazing for burning a ton of fat in a short amount of time.

Jim Wendler has talked about his goal of working up to the number of carries a running back would want in a football game – and I LOVE this idea.

So you’re doing a minimum of 20, and working up from there.

Also check out my book No Gym? No Excuse! for more specifics, and for different hill / interval sprinting workouts that you can do anywhere:

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3 – Kettlebell Workouts

There is a park in our neighborhood where we take our kids regularly.

I have made friends with several of the parents of the other kids who go there.

Recently, I’m chatting with one of the dads. He knows that I am a personal trainer, and he starts asking me about what workouts he should do to lose some body fat, gain some muscle, and get into shape.

He says that he REALLY wants to get into better shape, but he has limited available time, space, and training equipment to work with.

I got to thinking, kettlebell training would be PERFECT for him.

Because he could use get a kettlebell or two, train in his garage or back yard, spend no more than 90 minutes per WEEK – and get killer results.

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There you have it. 3 ways to get GAINZ – no gym required.

You don’t need fancy equipment to get results, just hard work and determination.

Get started today!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certifed Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

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