KB / BW Hybrid HIIT Workout – “The Punisher”

I have been leading a training group in prep for the Spartan Beast this coming October in Lake Tahoe.

We are coming up on week three of the training, and the sessions so far have been super, super brutal.

The folks in this group are some of our fittest clients, and they are getting tested physically and mentally big time in these workouts.

A new training plan gets delivered to the group every Sunday, and I am working on this week’s packet to send out tomorrow, so figured I’d share one of the workouts with you.

It’s called “The Punisher”. This is just a great all-around training session that will test you in most every capacity of your fitness. And keep in mind, it is for an intermediate / advanced trainee, so scale it down as needed if you are going to give it a try …

KB / BW Hybrid HIIT Workout – “The Punisher”

3 ROUNDS – rest as little as possible:

A1) farmer carry, 40 yards – MEN suggested load = bodyweight, WOMEN suggested load – 2/3 bodyweight (ex = 180 pound man carries 90 lb KB in each hand OR 180 pounds loaded on trap bar; 150 pound woman carries 50 lb KB in each hand OR 100 pounds loaded on trap bar)
A2) 15 box jump

rest approx 60 seconds, then:

3 ROUNDS – rest as little as possible:

B1) 10 mixed grip pull up (use partner assist if needed)
B2) 35 jump rope double unders OR 100 jump rope single jumps

rest approx 60 seconds, then:

1 ROUND – as fast as possible:

C1) bear crawl – 100 yards
C2) sprint – 1/2 mile
C3) 40 burpees

Boy, that might not look too bad on paper, but I tell you it’s SUPER tough.

Give it a go, let me know how you do.

Lots more great kettlebell workouts like this one, training tips, and so much more coming your way – stay tuned!!

Keep training hard –

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement
Author, Kettlebell Challenge Workouts

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