5x40x5 Dumbbell Complex (great travel, at-home workout)

I am in Vegas this weekend meeting with the Renegade Fitness Entrepreneurs group.

This has been a GREAT trip so far because:

– I flew out of a local, small airport, and it saved a TON of time and hassle
– I found a fantastic place to stay that is a bit off the strip (but still close to the action)
– The hotel has with all the ammenties that are important to me – including a great little workout room

HOWEVER – as I’m sure you know – travel is not always this smooth.

Many times there are hassles with airport parking, getting checked in, and delays. The hotel you end up at is not always ideal. And you can never count on there being a solid gym.

One piece of equipment that seems to be commonly available though is dumbbells. They have at least a few pairs in most all gyms. And most people also have a pair or two lying around at home.

Today’s workout is one from a program that I fall back on when travelling, or training at home, quite frequently – Challenge Complexes. It’s got 34 killer complexes like this one, that you can knock out quickly, for a great total – body workout anywhere:


5x40x5 Dumbbell Complex

Choose a weight that you can use for ALL exercises. Try not to put the DB’s down throughout the set.

Get as many reps as you can of each exercise in 40 seconds. NO rest between moves – “flow” from one move to the next.

Rest approx 30 seconds after completing full complex, repeat for 5 rounds:

front squat alternating shoulder press
push up renegade row
weighted burpee
wall sit alternating bicep curl
alternate 1 legged RDL

See the full program for video demos of each exercise


I love Challenge Complexes, and continue to come back to it (I’ve owned the program for 4 years!), because there are:

– 10 dumbbell complexes
– 17 barbell complexes
– 8 kettlebell complexes

To choose from.

It’s laid out so that you can use it as a full, on-going, structured routine … OR, you can pick a workout for one of your conditioning days while you are on the road, or at home, or whatever, and just get busy.

There are also GREAT ideas in this one if you are a trainer or coach, that you can use with your clients.

Try the sample workout, then get your copy of the full program:

Challenge Complexes

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – If you read the sales page closely, you’ll see MY testimonial for the program. That should tell you that I am serious when I recommend this program to you!

Learn more and get your copy of Challenge Complexes here

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