15 Minute Single KB Complex Workout

A complex is a series of exercises performed in succession, typically with a single implement.

Kettlebells are a great tool for complexes, because the nature of the implement makes it easy to “flow” through a series of multiple exercises.

Here is one you can do any time, any place – all you need is about 15 minutes, and a single kettlebell:

Single KB Complex SMOKER

Do 4 rounds of the following kettlebell complex PER SIDE. NO rest between movements; go thru the WHOLE SEQUENCE on one side before switching. Rest approx 30 seconds between rounds.

Recommended weights = 8k/26lb to 12k/26lb – women, 16k/35lb to 20k/44lb – men.

– 5 1 arm KB swing
– 5 KB high pull
– 5 KB snatch
– 5 KB front squat
– 5 KB push press
– 5 burpees

Let us know how you do!

Keep training hard –

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement
Author, Kettlebell Challenge Workouts

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