Arnold’s “secret” muscle building technique

Have you ever heard of “loaded” or “resisted” stretching?

It’s one of the single most powerful techniques you can do for improving stubborn muscle groups.

Basically, you take a moderate weight, lower it into the maximum stretched position of a stretch-focused exercise, and hold.

Arnold used to do this in his workouts to build his incredible chest. He would hold the bottom position of a flye for 45-60 seconds (at the end of a chest workout when his pecs were pumped full of blood).

There is one key with this technique though, that even when some people try it, they often miss ..

You can’t just passively maintain the stretch. That will work to some extent, but if you want REAL results from this method, you have to “resist” it.

For example, take hanging from a pull up bar. Hang completely at the bottom of the movement for a full stretch, then pull your shoulders down into the sockets and activate your lats and get up into a bit of a hollow position … and hold that.

If it takes 20 units of muscle “energy” to actually pull yourself up, exert only 18 or 19, so you’re ALMOST doing it, but not quite.

The key thing is that you’re not really “stretching” like in the way you do with most static stretching…you’re resisting the load in the stretched position.

There is a big difference.

And you will feel this difference the first time you try it.

I had mentioned this new program yesterday. It’s called “Anabolic Stretching.

The focus of this program is on resisted/loaded stretching like I described above…and it can dramatically speed up muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

This stuff works.

I’ve actually used very similar protocols to what you’ll find in the Anabolic Stretching program in my own training. This is really good stuff.

And I’ll be straight up honest with you … the website is a little hypey. However, the actual program you’ll get is science-based, rock-solid and not expensive ($9).

It’s absolutely worth the price.

Give this stuff a try. You’ll like it a lot.

It’s not easy (in fact, it’s quite painful), but it WORKS.

Get your copy of Anabolic Stretching here.

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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