30 Second Drill to “Upgrade Your Breath”

We put on the first ever CORE Kettlebell Workshop on May 6th @ FVT HQ.

I had a fantastic time teaching it, we got great feedback from participants, and I hope that it’s a start of great things to come for CORE Kettlebell!

Obviously there is a ton of planning that goes into making these events a success. One of the things I think about a lot in terms of structuring the day is the best way to start off. As in, what is the FIRST drill that we will do of the day?

Well, I personally think breathing is SO important, yet a NEGLECTED by most, part of KB training.

That’s why this breathing drill is the first one we do at CORE Kettlebell:

— Start by lying on your stomach, with your forehead resting on your hands
— Inhale deeply through your mouth … and you will notice your chest expand with each breath
— Switch to breathing through your nose … and notice your belly pressing into the floor

You see, when you breath through the nose, your diaphram will “pull your lungs down”, and increase the pressure in the lower abdomen. This helps you engage your core muscles, and leads to more core stability and safety when training with KBs.

Versus, breathing in through the mouth, which engages the chest and shoulders, and restricts your breathing, and does not help you engage your core muscles.

Try that drill before your workout today … it only takes about 30 seconds … and see the positive results that you get.

If you want to take this further, I also recommend you check out the full “Upgrade Your Breath” course.

This is the “encyclopedia of breathing exercises” – from my friend Logan Christopher – that will help you master your health, relaxation, endurance, flexibility, and subconscious control, in just a few mins per day.

It is EXTREMELY extensive. There is a 54 – bullet point list of of the tips, tricks, and techniques you’ll discover in it – which I was going to put it in this message, but figured I’d just give you the link to read for yourself:

Upgrade your Breath

To sum up … if you want to learn how to reduce your stress, get focused, and improve your performance  – start with learning how to control your breath!

– Forest

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