[new vid] 4 Technique Tips for a Bigger Bench Press

A few weeks ago, my friend Funk Roberts sent me a review copy of his new program, Pound 4 Pound Strength.

I am DIGGING it. It’s all about helping you get stronger and more powerful .. without adding puffy mass ..while getting lean and ripped.

The training reminds me a LOT of what we did while I was playing football in college and in the pros.

It uses the VPX Method, which is a variation of Tripahsic Strength training, and is a full 12-week program with demo videos, instruction exercise videos and full program details.  It’s perfect for regular guys that want to get stronger and ripped, and also athletes that want to focus on improving strength without putting on a ton of weight.

Anyway – it inspired me to make this vid for you on 4 technique tips for a bigger bench press. Check it out:

The barbell bench press is one of the best exercises to develop upper body strength and size, fast.

Unfortunately, most people do it wrong. And as a result, their progress gets stalled out, and their risk of injury goes up too.

Here are four tips to make the exercise as safe and effective as possible:


4 Technique Tips for a Bigger Bench Press

1 – Make sure your feet are in a stable and solid postion. Exact placement is up to you … but you want to be able to put all of your energy from the legs and hips into driving the bar up.

2 – Hop down into a push up position … don’t even think about it … and make a note of where your hands are. This is a good rule of thumb for your grip / hand width while benching. Also, be sure to use the rings on the bar as “land marks” – so that you can be consistent with the same grip width every time.

3 – Your back should be arched and kept that way during the entire lift. The arch should come from your thorasic spine, NOT your lower back. Also very important though – your butt must stay ON THE BENCH the whole time.

4 – The bar should touch at the bottom of the rib cage. And the path should be more or less straight up and down. A lot of people bring the bar way too high as it comes down to the chest – but again, think bottom of the rib cage as a rule of thumb.


Work on those bench press technique points to save minimize injury, and maximize your GAINZZZ!

If you’re interested in the Pound 4 Pound Strength program, check it out here.

’till next time –

– Forest Vance

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