Eat Stop Eat – How it Works [part 2]

Do you believe that you can actually cause a genuine reduction of body fat, WITHOUT extremely regimented and inflexible dietary restrictions?

Brad Pilon does.

And so do the tens of thousands of folks who have seen success with his approach over the last decade.

He is the author of Eat Stop Eat, and one of the top experts on the science of fasting, including the widely misunderstood protocol of intermittent fasting. Brad has a Master’s Degree in Applied Human Nutrition, and years of experience in the supplement industry as a Research Analyst and Development Manager.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the book if you are interested in learning more about the approach – but here are the nuts and bolts (recap of my previous article on Eat Stop Eat):

— Fast 1-2x per week for 20-24 hours.
— Consume as little as possible during your fast. Calorie – free beverages such as tea, black coffee, water are encouraged during the fast.
— EAT on the days you’re not fasting – do NOT “diet” on your eating days!
— A ROUGH guide is to eat ~ 2000 calories (women) and ~ 2500 calories (men) on all other, non-fasting days of the week
— Shoot for approx 100 grams of protein per day
— Weight train 2-5x per week to maintain muscle while you lose fat


Here are a few other things that you’ll want to keep in mind for maximum success with Eat Stop Eat:

First, you always want to split your fasts between two days. As an example, if you were to start fasting today at 3 pm, you’d want to fast until tomorrow at 3. This way, you never miss a full day’s eating.

Second, you want to fast 1-2x per week, as mentioned above. But you never want to do it on consecutive days. The time between the fasts, according to Brad, is just as important as the fasts themselves.

Third, you can drink calorie – free beverages like water, tea, black coffee, diet soda, etc during your fast. But don’t spend hours thinking about things you can “possibly get away with” during your fast. The point is to fast! Stop thinking about ways to cheat.


Just remember – some fasts will be easy. Some will be hard. Stay hydrated, stay busy, and commit to success!

This is an OVERVIEW of the approach, and leaves out a lot of details .. I obviously can’t cover everything here that Brad does in the 212 page book.

If you are considering giving it a try, I recommend that you pick up a copy! (link below takes you to a page where you can get it for $10):

=> Eat Stop Eat

Look forward to hearing about how it goes for you 🙂

Thanks for reading, talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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