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We had folks come out to Sacramento from all over the US for the Unchained Implementation Boot Camp, to learn about building a successful and profitable online fitness business.

It was a great time!

We headed out for dinner and drinks as a group after the event, and one trainer mentioned that she was so busy, it was difficult for her to find time to program workouts for her clients.

Can you relate?

She actually admitted that sometimes, she ends up just making up workouts for her clients on the fly.

I argued that was not the best way to get clients results.  And, if I were the client, I would want my trainer to have taken time and energy to design a program for me, and one that fit my needs and goals.

I’m usually easy going, and not argumentative, but it really struck a nerve. I understand where this person is coming from, with being busy and all – but I also think that she is truly doing her clients a disservice, and I had to say something! 🙂

SO – what to do? If you are busy? And/or you just hate writing workouts?

Get workouts that are already made for you, that you can just plug into your training program.

If this is from a reputable source, I think it’s a GREAT solution. Because you get high-quality workouts, and you don’t have to spend time writing them and agonizing over them.

I am working on a new kettlebell and bodyweight – based workout service, where you will get new expertly designed kettlebell workouts every week.

Obviously I am biased, and I think you should use mine 😉 – and as far as I know, there is no other such service that exists SPECIFICALLY for kettlebell-based workouts for fit pros and serious lifters – but if not, that’s totally cool too. Whatever solution you find that works for you is GREAT – and that’s the point of today’s message.

It is:

1) Take the time to program and plan workouts for your clients, and give the the service they deserve!

and / or

2) Take advantage and leverage other’s expertise and hard work in putting workouts together, if you don’t have the time or inclination.

If you are interested in my new weekly kettlebell workouts program, stay tuned, it will be released later this week.

Thanks –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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