Caffeine vs Adaptogens

Many people drink coffee for its energizing and stimulant and effects.

But take a look at this (make sure your images are turned on):

In many ways … stimulants like coffee just don’t stack up to adaptogens!

If you’re not familiar with adaptogens, is a group of natural herbs and compounds that, essentially, help the body better adapt to stress.

They’ve got both physical and mental fatigue fighting abilities.

For one of the best sources of adaptogens in a well-rounded blend, check this out:

Lost Empire Herbs partan Formula

Whether you need more energy for your workouts, your work life, or just back at home so you haven’t crashed at the end of your day – this can help you.

Seems like at the very least, you should add some adaptogens to your morning coffee!

Find out here all that Spartan Broad-Spectrum Adaptogenic Formula can do for you:

Spartan Broad-Spectrum Adaptogenic Formula

Thanks, train hard, talk soon! –

– Forest Vance

*This comes from a paper titled Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress-Protective Activity by Panossian and Wikman, published in Pharmaceuticals 2010.

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