Thanks to Veterans + A Little Encouragement

Today in America, we celebrate our Veterans.

For self-sacrifice, leaving home and loved ones to defend our country …

For courage, commitment and love of freedom …

For making our country safe and strong …

We thank you.

Now there has been a LOT going on this week in the world.

But I feel that my role is to offer you training / business advice, motivation, and to help you move closer to your goals in these areas each day.  So I’m not going to share my political views with you today.

HOWEVER … in times like these, no matter where we stand … I DO think it’s important to remember that wasting energy on what OTHERS do, say, and think … won’t do much.

We need to be keeping our mind on the positive.

Focus on being grateful for what we have.

Focusing on things that ARE under our control.

Like our self talk.  Our gratitude.  Our mental and physical fitness.

ACTION that does something to make a change.

When we start to have negative thoughts, it can be hard to stop them.  And it’s much easier said than done.  But we HAVE to – if we want to stop ourselves from going down the wrong path.

So stay positive … keep moving forward …

Focus on what you control …

… and let go of what you don’t.

– Forest

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