The Power of Positive People

I am in San Francisco this weekend, speaking at the NorCal Fitness Summit.

Already, the event is off to a fantastic start! There is SO much power in spending time with and surrounding yourself with others who are looking to be successful, and that are on a similar path.

That’s really the main point I wanted to touch on with you in today’s message.

In fact, it’s SO important … that I think it’s one of your biggest keys to success … in ANY area of life.

You see, if you are working towards a fitness goal – fat loss, for example … you have to get around folks who support that in a positive way. If your significant other or close friends or other folks you spend a lot of time with, don’t support you taking the time to work out, or your efforts to eat healthy, etc … it can be tough!

On the other hand, if those same folks are encouraging when you make healthy food choices, if they are okay with you taking a few hours each week for exercise, if they are generally supportive with what you are trying to do … it makes it SOOO much easier to reach your goals.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Same thing applies if you are in the fitness business. You have to get out there and meet others who are kicking butt, see the amazing results they are getting in their businesses, and learn about what’s working for them.

If you stay home, and spend time with your friends who work jobs they don’t particularly like and live for the weekend and talk about work as little as possible … it’s going to make it MUCH harder for you to succeed.

That’s why I personally choose very wisely who I spend my time with.

And that’s why I show up consistently at event like the NorCal Fitness Summit myself, prioritize it, and will continue to do so.


That’s it for now. Have a great weekend. Spend time around people that empower and energize you, and HELP you move towards your ultimate life goals.

Talk soon –

– Forest

PS – Spending time around positive and successful fitness business owners was the biggest reason I got the Renegade Fitness Entrepreneurs Mastermind group together:

That group is now full … but we are launching another group like it very soon.

I’ll be talking more about it more as we get the word out and fill the 12 available spots over the coming days / weeks – but if you are:

— Currently in the fitness industry
— Are looking to free your time, help people around the world, and take your fitness business to the next level
— Want help and support of like-minded successful fit pros to lean on
— Are interested in the networking and overall opportunity being part of a group like this provides

Keep an eye on your email inbox 🙂

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