Meet Me in San Fran?

I am SUPER pumped to be speaking at the NorCal Fitness Summit in San Francisco next month.

Hope to see you there?

I attended this event last October, just to learn and network and grow – and was BLOWN AWAY.

It was one of the top fitness industry events I’ve been to – EVER.

And given that I’ve attended over 30 over the last 10 years or so (that I can count off the top of my head) – I think that says a lot!

So I am incredibly honored to be featured as a speaker this year.

And I wanted to share info on the event with you – in case you’re interested in attending.

Here’s a bit about it event, from the NCFS website:

“The NorCal Fitness Summit is a 3-day life changing experience that will enrich your mind, build your community and guide you and your fitness business through a personal journey to reach your greatest human potential.

Whether your income isn’t where you would like it to be, or you never seem to have enough time to grow, or find growing your client base challenging, you will find not just answers, but also solutions to your challenges at the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit 2016.

Imagine a setting where leading fitness professionals, trainers and entrepreneurs gather together with one single intention: to target the typical headaches and growing pains of running an independent fitness business and creating a blueprint solve them the smart way.

What we are doing at this summit is building on your skill—and leveraging the expertise of the community to help you grow your business the smart way. Eliminating the limitations holding you back from more success and how to eliminate them for good.

With over 200 professionals meeting and mingling, this event isn’t just about growing: it’s also about empowering you through education, meeting inspirational people and networking. There is no other summit like it in the world.”

Now if you are considering attending, you’ll want to reserve your spot ASAP – because the 40% discount on registration ends tomorrow at midnight.

Click the link below to get all the info and register:

=> NorCal Fitness Summit 2016 (40% discount link)

And forward to meeting you in San Fran!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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