Meet LeAnne :)

LeAnne is a distance coaching client of mine that is CRUSHING her goals right now, and I want to give her a shout out!

She is consistently losing 5-10 pounds per month, AND hitting new personal bests in her workouts every week.

Three things LeAnne is doing, that YOU can do too if you want similar results:

1 – Dedication

I knew right away when we started working together that LeAnne was 100% IN, and committed to reaching her goals. Because from day one, she has been meticulous about logging her workouts, checking in to let me know how the program is going, sending me form videos to review when needed, and logging her food.

This is the type of dedication and commitment it takes to reach your goals. No shortcuts or magic bullets. Just consistent hard work.

2 – Focusing on getting STRONG

Focusing on STRENGTH in LeAnne’s workouts is making a HUGE difference. She is gaining lean muscle, losing weight rapidly, and seriously transforming her body.

I can see the difference in her progress photos, big time … and it seems like every couple of weeks, I’m getting a message from her saying that she is fitting into a smaller size dress or pants!

3 – Eating clean

Focusing on lean proteins, veggies, fruits, healthy fats … drinking plenty of water … and avoiding processed carbs / sugars … is SIMPLE … but NOT easy.

There are many things that go into changing your eating and doing it on a consistent basis – and it’s a lot more than just handing you a meal plan to follow.

BUT … once LeAnne got this piece dialed in … she is losing a consistent 5-10 pounds, each and every month.


LeAnne – GREAT work, keep it up.

She is a great inspiration for all of us.

And, we can learn a lot from what’s working now in her training program.

Rock on, have a great weekend –

– Forest

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  • LeAnne Tracey

    I can’t speak highly enough about Forest and how he has helped me! We are over 1000 miles apart, but distance is no issue! We work closely together using online tools. He is on top of every message I send and full of helpful advice. He is honest with me and encouraging. He has pushed me beyond what I ever imagined I could do to help me perform well physically and safely. I am full of confidence with Forest on my side!
    Thank you so much!

  • admin

    Thank you so much LeAnne! You rock and keep up the great work!!

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