8 min workout (BETTER than 60 mins of cardio?)

Research tells us that regular aerobic exercise is *just okay* for weight loss.

The experts agree – if your #1 goal is fat loss – short, high-intensity exercise sessions are far better!

That’s why an 8 minute workout like the one below can be BETTER than 60 minutes of cardio:


Turbine of the Day (TOD) # 16
from Jason Klein’s Marine Body program

– do first exercise in pairing for 45 seconds
– rest for 15 seconds
– do second exercise in pairing for 45 seconds
– rest for 15 seconds
– move on to next pairing and repeat until full sequence is finished (full workout takes a total of 8 mins!)

A1) Superman + Push Up

B1) Inward Int. Push Up

A2) Prone Iso Ab

B2) Heel Push

A3) Mt. Ab Climber

B3) Close Grip Push Up

A4) Wall Slide

B4) Plank



That one’s short – but INTENSE.

And it also requires ZERO equipment – which means you can do it ANYWHERE.

No excuses!

If you liked it … you can get dozens more of these 8 minute fat burners at the link below:

=> The Marine Body – workouts used by US Marines (but designed for all fitness levels)

Have a great one! –

Forest Vance

PS – Research study backing the opening statements of today’s article is linked up below:


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