1776 Rep Bodyweight Workout (4th of July special)

Got an EPIC 1776 rep bodyweight workout planned for our 4th of July bootcamp workout on Monday morning at FVT.

Check it out – if you can’t join us in person, you can still crank this one over the weekend (or ANY time!) – because it’s bodyweight ONLY, no equipment required!


4th of July 1776 Rep Bodyweight Workout

*Mix it up and do different versions of each exercise, as listed below, for each round … don’t have to be super specific, just change it up as you go

*Do 8 rounds of the circuit with as little rest as possible

*The rep ranges of each exercise I choose for a very specific reason … they are just high enough to challenge you, but not high enough for your form to break down. So stick to them!

*Do the first round slow, as your warm up, then pick up the pace for the next 7

– 30 jumping jacks OR seal jacks OR x jacks
– 12 push ups OR close push ups OR wide push ups
– 21 bodyweight squats
– 12 inverted rows – overhand, underhand, or neutral grip
– 30 side to side OR front to back hops
– 14 regular OR cross – body mountain climbers
– 12 backwards OR front OR walking lunges each leg
– 30 high knees OR butt kicks (each leg)

(rest – then finish with)

– 10 burpees – every minute, on the minute, four rounds total (=40 burpees total)


If you DO knock this one out – let me know how it goes.

Have fun … train hard … talk soon … and Happy 4th!

– Forest Vance

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