New KB/BW Challenge Workout

If you are like most of our clients at FVT, your biggest fitness goals are:

– Losing fat
– Gaining lean muscle
– Feeling great!

THAT being said … incorporating some kind of measurable PERFORMANCE – based goal … like we do in our monthly Challenge workouts! … can make a HUGE difference in keeping you motivated and moving towards the goals listed above, almost as a nice “side effect” …

This way, ALL of our focus isn’t just on the scale or your latest body fat measurement … it’s also on how you have specifically improved your fitness level, in a way we can measure and score over time.

Check out the latest FVT KB/BW Challenge Workout at the link below:

=> New KB/BW Challenge Workout

And let me know how you fare! 😉

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest

PS – If you liked this workout and want 33+ more like it, your next step is easy – check out the newest version of Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts:

=> 33 NEW Kettlebell Challenge Workouts!

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