meet John :)

I am so proud of my personal training client John.

When he first started training at FVT, he thought he was in pretty good shape, especially for being over 50 … he was about 220 pounds or so, and though he wasn’t really doing anything fitness-wise at the time, he had worked out at various gyms and had done other fitness programs in the past.

fat john

Thing was, John would work out on his own, but he knew he would not always do it right.

Not only that, he kept getting hurt, and as a result would have to stop training and would lose much of the progress he worked so hard for.

Since starting on our program, John has made some AMAZING changes and improvements … in not only his fitness, but his quality of life!

He has lost over 20 pounds (he’s gone from a little over 220 to 196), but more importantly, he has also totally changed his “body shape”. He’s lost two pants sizes, and gained muscle in the upper body – in the arms and chest. He’s also put on some lean mass in the legs, where he wasn’t as inclined to focus on when training on his own :)

John has improved his flexibility and mobility, and is not getting injured like he was before. Which is SO important, because now he can train consistently without having to take breaks and miss workouts, and lose the progress he’s worked so hard for.

Finally, when it comes to doing active things like hiking and biking and walking, it’s a world of difference from before, in just how easy it is. John feels better and more energetic, and truly has a new outlook on life.

Congrats to you John!

We are honored to have you as a loyal client at FVT, and are so glad to be a part of the transformation you’ve made.

Now John made his transformation by training hard, training smart, and training consistently – about three hours per week, total.

He’s also made some simple – but POWERFUL – changes to his eating habits, that have made ALL the difference.

If you would like my help in making similar changes, I recommend you start here:

=> John’s Training + Nutrition Plan

This is the training and nutrition plan that John followed to make this dramatic body transformation – and still follows to this day as he pursues new goals.

If you have similar goals to John, I recommend that you get this plan and follow it to a “T” –

I think you will be blown away by the results!

Thanks –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

PS – Check out the workout and diet plan John followed to make his transformation here:


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