How to Unlock Tight Hips

You might think that I do kettlebell workouts myself, or work with training clients for the majority of my days … but the reality is that there is a LOT of work I do behind the scenes … from writing, to checking / responding to emails, to talking on the phone, to flying to workshops / events … that ends up putting me in a seated position, more and more all the time.

And I am a full time fitness professional.  Odds are, if you’re reading this email, you probably have it much WORSE that I do! :)

Sitting for extended periods turns out to be very BAD.  In fact, more and more research is pointing to the fact that sitting all day is one of the WORST things you can do for your health.

Now if your work puts you in a seated position for much of the day, it is what it is.  You may not have an option to NOT sit.

But you CAN take measures to combat some of the negative effects.

One area of the body that suffers a lot is the hips.  The hip flexor muscles, such as the psoas, are some of those that get it the worst.  Not only will this affect performance in your workouts, it will actually cause you pain and long term problems.

So if you are in the same boat as me, and end up having to sit a lot … and as a result, KNOW you have tight hips … and you are looking for a simple, easy to do routine you can put in place to work to improve the problem … I recommend that you check out:

=> Unlock Your Hip Fexors

I picked this program up a few months ago, and it has been helping me a lot.  It outlines a great routine that you can do to help combat some of these issues that come up due to sitting all day.

Since starting it, I not only am moving and feeling better … I have put 35 pounds on to my max deadlift and over 10 reps on to my all time best 5 minute kettlebell snatch test time!

Bottom line is this.  You may HAVE to sit all day for your job … but if you value your health and workout performance, you can and should take measures to help – starting with something like the Unlock Your Hip Fexors program.

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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