(women over 35) 3 Belly Fat “Triggers” You Must Avoid

** Today’s article is SPECIFICALLY for women over 35 **

Today, I want to introduce you to my friend Shawna Kaminski.

Here’s a picture of us hanging out at a recent business event:

Shawna is in her 50′s, but is in better shape than most women 20 years younger.

She says that most experts are DEAD wrong when it comes to women over 35 losing belly fat … and that there are 3 belly fat “triggers” that you must avoid if you want to finally see the flat, firm, and attractive midsection you desire.

I’ll let Shawna take it from here:


Women Over 35 – 3 Belly Fat “Triggers” You MUST Avoid to Finally See the Flat, Firm, and Attractive Midsection you Desire
from Shawna Kaminski, creator, My Bikini Belly

1 – Long Workouts

If you REALLY want to get a flat and firm belly in the fastest and safest way possible, then you MUST STOP doing long workouts.

What women over 35 REALLY need is SHORTER and more carefully sequenced movements that work WITH your menopause gene and match your body’s new hormonal state.

2 – Stop doing sit ups and crunches

Did you know today’s most popular workouts and exercises turn OFF your #1 belly shrinking hormone and make your belly visibly thicker and fatter looking?

For instance, a common exercise that makes your belly look fatter are weighted side bends. While these became popular in the late 80’s as a way to “whittle your middle” the truth is … they’re making your middle thicker and fatter looking!

The same goes for sit-ups and crunches. Why would you want to waste all that time making your belly even MORE resistant to letting go of the trapped fat?

3 – Stop doing traditional cardio

Cardio workouts are very stressful on women over 35 and destroy your metabolism, attack your thyroid and instantly send your cortisol levels soaring.

This automatically activates distress signals inside your body forcing your metabolism to eat away at itself and push fat directly toward your belly. Even worse, it can actually weaken your heart, dramatically accelerate aging and wrinkles your insides like a dried up raisin.


Awesome tips Shawna – thanks for sharing!

Even if you’ve heard some of this info before – I think it’s very interesting to see Shawna’s take on it, and how it SPECIFICALLY applies to women over 35.

Okay, so … now that you know what NOT to do … let’s get into Shawna’s plan to lose belly fat fast.

It’s called “My Bikini Belly”, and you can find out more about it below:

=> My Bikini Belly

I won’t get much more into the details on her program here – just click the link and check it out for yourself if you’re interested :)

That’s it for today, gotta run … here’s to a leaner, firmer, flatter midsection by summer!

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

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