Bodyweight Ladder Challenge Workout

Let’s continue on the topic of bodyweight training for fat loss.

When it comes to your fat loss training, I firmly believe that bodyweight exercise should be a staple.

And I also believe that:

– Squats (+ progressions / variations)
– Push ups (+ progressions / variations)
– Pull ups (+progressions / variations)

Should be at the CORE of your bodyweight fat loss training.

That’s why I wanted to share one of my favorite bodyweight workouts for fat loss with you today, that ties all of these moves into a neat progression.

Here’s how it goes:


Bodyweight Ladder Challenge Workout

Start with one pull up.

After you complete the pull up, move directly into two push ups.

Follow the push ups with three body weight squats.

Then you’ll start “climbing the ladder”, increasing your reps by (1,2,3 respectively) in each exercise each round until you reach:

– 10 pull ups
– 20 push ups
– 30 body weight squats

So your second and third rounds would look like:

– 2 pull ups
– 4 push ups
– 6 squats

And then:

– 3 pull ups
– 6 push ups
– 9 squats

Your goal is to 1) use PERFECT form in each exercise 2) “climb the ladder” as fast as possible.

Get your time to complete the workout, then try to beat it next time around!


Now this body weight training stuff can be humbling.

Especially if you’re used to doing other types of workouts, a training session like this one can OBLITERATE you … but also show you what you’re weak at, and what you need to improve.

So try this body weight challenge ladder workout this week, and let me know how you do.

And if you are looking for a full program to help you lose fat as FAST as humanly possible, using bodyweight training as your tool, HERE is the one I highly recommend.

Train hard, and talk soon!

– Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

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