New Video – (another) Secret for Better Push Ups

I have some travels coming up in the next few weeks.

The weather in Northern California is great for the most part year-round … but it’s been a pretty rainy winter so far, so it will be great to get to a warmer climate for a bit.

Not to mention, it will be great to learn new tips and tricks to improve both the gym and the online side of the business … and to see many of the fitness expert friends of mine in person that I mention to you on the blog, and in FVT email newsletters.

In any case … I want to make sure to keep the momentum going from the hard training I have been doing for the Tactical Strength Challenge.

I am scoping out the areas I will be in to see what the workout situation is going to be like, if there are nearby gyms, etc …

But just in case, I will of course be prepared with my bodyweight routine.

Not only having a plan and knowing how to put these type of workouts together, but also having the knowledge of proper bodyweight training technique, is amazingly useful – for travel workouts, for at home workouts, for workouts that are easier on your body and joints … the benefits go on and on.

So I have a new push up video for you to check out today – this is a small tip that will make a HUGE difference in both helping you do MORE push ups, as well as keeping the movement safe and effective for the long term:

And if you want a full 12 week program to help you get strong and lean with just your own bodyweight, be sure to check out Bodyweight Strong (special discount link below):

=> Bodyweight Strong (special discount link for FVT readers)

That’s it for now – enjoy your weekend, and talk soon!

– Forest

PS – Here’s the link again to get a special discount on Bodyweight Strong:

=> Bodyweight Strong (special discount link for FVT readers)

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