Super Man Herbs Year End Sale

Want to get better and healthier as we head into 2016?

Super Man Herbs produces amazing herbs and formulas that help your health and performance.

They’ve got great stuff for energy, hormonal support (in men and women), working out, and even thinking better.

I’ve mentioned several of their products to you in the FVT newsletter in 2015, and I know that many of our readers use these supplements already, so I wanted to make sure to mention the year end sale they are currently having.

Right now, you can get 15% off everything they offer.

In addition to that, they have valuable bonuses they’re giving away. Buy anything and you’ll get free stuff. Buy big and you get some amazing stuff!

Head on over to this page to get the full details and see what they’ve got:

=> Super Man Herbs Year End Sale

My personal favorites are the Pine Pollen – to, according to their website, “Boost and Harmonize your Male Sex Hormones” 🙂 … and the Hercules Pre-Workout formula to “Stimulate Your Strength and Power” –

You can find both of these – and MANY more – on their website at the link below:

=> Super Man Herbs Year End Sale

Thanks, and have an awesome day! –

– Forest Vance

PS – The owner of this company – Logan Christopher – is a personal friend of mine and a stand-up guy. We co-led a KB workshop at the FVT Studio a couple of years ago, and still talk and exchange ideas regularly.

SO – you can be confident that this is a top-notch, reliable company with great customer service and high quality products.

If you order any of their stuff, you will be well taken care of!

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