4 Mins to Abs Like a Fighter?

Do you ever watch a fight on TV, and notice how RIPPED the fighters are?

It always makes me think about what type of training those guys must go through.

ESPECIALLY their ab training! Because not only are they ripped, all of their core muscles have to be VERY strong, to be able to withstand punch after punch to their midsections.

Well, check this out – these 4 minute, bodyweight only, zero equipment workouts are designed to help you get abs like a fighter – in just 4 minutes!

=> 4 Mins to Abs Like a Fighter

You’ll do workouts like this one:


The 4-Minute Fighter AMRAP

– 1-2 punch sprawl – 5 reps
– jump squats – 5 reps
– push ups – 5 reps
– plank side touches – 5 reps / side

Repeat this circuit for as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes.

Rest as needed during the workout.


And, the program is in follow-along video format – so that all you have to do is fire up your laptop / tablet / mobile phone, press play, and follow along in real time for a killer workout!

I am visiting family this week for the holiday and am a bit out of my normal workout routine, so actually did one of these workouts myself this morning in the basement – I was pretty smoked ;)

So, if you want to get abs like a fighter, using 4 minute sessions you can do ANYWHERE with zero added equipment, be sure to check out the new 4 Minute Fighter Abs program  by clicking here.

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

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