Simple Secret for Better Push Ups (new video)

The push up is one of the best upper body exercises around.

And although it’s a basic movement, most people do it wrong.

In today’s video, I have simple tip to help you do more push ups, while at the same time making the exercise safer and more effective.

Check it out – and hope it helps!

– Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

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  • Cornelius Greene

    Good tip, thanks

  • Sandra

    Thanks! Great tip! I do always tell my clients hand should be in line with shoulder. The inside of thumb tip is great! Also I see people who hang there head down which puts spine in neck out of alignment. So I always remind my clients to keep their head up and neck in neutral position.

  • admin

    You bet, happy to help!

  • admin

    You bet Sandra!

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