Learning Jump Rope Double Unders? (biggest 2 mistakes – and how to fix them!)

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Yesterday, I was inspired to do a jump rope workout for one of my “off day” conditioning sessions.

(Depending on what I am training for at any given time, I typically lift 3 times per week, so some metabolic kettlebell/bodyweight workout on both of those days as well, and then do two to three days per week of “conditioning” – running / biking / jumping rope / etc)

Having recently reviewed the “Dominate Your Double Unders” course, I realized during my workout, that I was making one of the mistakes that Robby (creator of the program) SPECIFICALLY says to avoid! ;)

When I stopped “piking”, and used the tips to improve my form that Robby recommends, my technique cleaned right up, and I was able to get several 30 second interval stretches of non-stop double unders – not bad!

I’m pretty sure that these tips will be helpful to you as well – whether you’re just getting started jumping rope, or even if you’ve been at it for a while.

So check ‘em out:


Two Major Double Under Mistakes to Avoid
from Robby Blanchard, creator, “Dominate Your Double Unders

When it comes to learning how to do double unders, there are two mistakes that you want to avoid:

Mistake #1 – the “Donkey Kick”

“Donkey Kicking” means that when the athlete jumps in the air, they kick their heels up towards their butt.

This is bad because:

– It’s a lot of wasted energy
– It put the athlete in a bad position for the next double under

Mistake #2 – “Piking”

“Piking” is basically the OPPOSTIE of the Donkey Kick.

Instead of bringing the feet behind them and up towards the butt, the athlete brings their feet up and in front of them.

This is bad for the same reasons that Donkey Kicking is – it wastes energy, and puts the athlete in a bad position for their follow-up jump.


Whether you are making the “Donkey Kick” mistake or the “Piking” mistake, the fixes are the same:

– Make sure to keep your feet under you at all times
– Think about LENGTHENING your jump, as if you were trying to hit the ceiling with your head

This will put you in a great position to rebound from each jump effortlessly … and in no time, be dominating your double unders!


Awesome stuff Robby!

Basic tips, but SUPER helpful.

Try these tips in your jump rope workouts today, and let me know if they help.

And for the “ultimate” 21 day course on double under domination, be sure to check out:

Dominate Your Double Unders (on sale now)

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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