4 Minute Side Burpee Total Body Abs Workout (video)

Ever heard of a “side burpee”?

It’s a unique burpee variation that will work your body in a new and different way.

Check it out, and give it a try today – as part of this 4 minute “total body abs” workout you can do anywhere:

4 Minute Side Burpee Total Body Abs Workout

— side burpees – 60 seconds
— side planks – 30 seconds each side
— side-to-side hops – 60 seconds
— rotating side plank – 60 seconds

Watch the follow – along video for this workout here:

Now … when you are trying to lose fat as FAST as possible, the key is to have a plan in place, and stick to it.

That means NO excuses when it comes to missing workouts. You have to get it done, no matter what.

I find one of the most common challenges people have with being able to train consistently is time.

One thing that is SUPER helpful when it comes to not having time to work out, is having some minimal equipment workouts ready to go – like the one I shared with you today – that you can do anywhere, in a short period of time.

So if you enjoyed today’s workout and video, also be sure to check out the rest of the minimal-equipment, short and effective workouts in the “Lean in 19” system:

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Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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  • sean kavanagh

    that was a great workout, the rotating plank was the best exercise it is very intense

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