19 Minute “Extreme Fat Loss” Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit

A couple of times per year at our gym, we put on what we call a “30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge”.

The idea is 30 days of focused workouts, nutrition, and healthy living to get folks on the fast track to success and lose as much fat as humanly possible!

And this program is a great success.

We just finished one up last weekend, and as usual, we had people lose 5, 10, as many as 17 pounds … in just 30 days!

Many of our regular boot camp and personal training clients participate every time we put one of these on. They say it’s a great way to refocus, get things dialed in, and get back on the fast track to success.

Now our 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is only open to people who are in the local Sacramento area – it requires that you physically come to our facility for workouts, nutritional support, etc throughout the 30 days.

And I hope to see you at the next one we put on! :)

But I also understand that there are a lot of folks who would LOVE to participate in something like this, but are not in the local Sacramento area … or just can’t physically make it in to our gym for whatever reason …

And that’s why I wanted to give you a great alternative option – “Lean in 19″:

=> “Lean in 19″ Extreme Fat Loss System

This is a program put together by a new friend a mine from the UK named Gavin Walsh.

It’s made of up of bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere, with zero equipment – like this 19 Minute Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit:


19 Minute Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit
sample from the Lean in 19 Extreme Fat Loss System

Start with 2 rounds of the following sequence: (3.00)

– Seal Jack x 30 secs
– Mountain Climbers x 30 secs
– Plank Jacks x 30 secs

Then do 4 rounds of the bodyweight circuit as outlined below: (16.00)

– Squat Thrusts x 50 secs work/10 secs rest
– Walking Push-ups x 50 secs work/10 secs rest
– Pike Presses x 50 secs work/10 secs rest
– 1-Leg Burpee x 25 secs work (each leg)/10 secs rest


It also includes a full done-for-you meal plan that will show you exactly what to eat to lose as much fat as humanly possible in the next 19 days …

Email motivation and support from Gavin …

And much more!

(Gavin actually used this program to help his own sister lose 31 pounds. Check out her story on THIS page, and I think you will be highly inspired!)

So to sum up, if you need a short burst of motivation … inspiration … focus … and RESULTS, in a very short period of time … check out Gavin’s Lean in 19 program at the link below:

=> Lean in 19

Have a great day, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance

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