FVT QnA – Injury Rehab, 20 Min Workouts + What Size KB to Use

Our little girl turned one yesterday … can’t BELIEVE how fast it’s gone … and also can’t believe how much happiness and joy she has brought into our lives!

We are having a party for her tomorrow to celebrate … but right now we’re taking a little break from the preparations … so I thought I’d take a few minutes and do a quick FVT QnA session.

Let’s get right into it!


Q – I was doing KB snatches just a little bit wrong and pulled something in my inner elbow on my left arm. It’s tender now even after resting it. Is this a common KB injury? Is there something I can do to rehab it?

A – As far as giving advice to healing / rehabing injuries, I try to steer clear to be totally honest … this is a bit out of my scope of practice and expertise …

HOWEVER, when it comes to PREVENTING injuries in the first place, using perfect form when training with kettlebells and being progressive and smart with your workouts is what it’s all about.

I did a two post /video series that is a great place to start:

=> Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them (part 1)

=> Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistake and How to Fix Them (part 2)

I also have the videos from my Kettlebell Basics workshop where I go into detail on how to safely and effectively perform all the basic kettlebell exercises – and those are on sale currently as part of this special package deal:

=> Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts “Mega-Bundle”


Q – I have been searching for a quick (20 min MAX), simple (easy to perform moves) yet effective and low-impact workout. I prefer bodyweight but the KB workouts look interesting. Do you have a program that meets my requirements? (I know the nutrition side even if I don’t always follow it)

A – YES … this is what the FVT training philosophy is all about! 😉

I just put up a workout on the blog a couple of days ago that fits the bill exactly:

=> Single KB 20 Minute Circuit Workout

I also have a full training course called “Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts” that is designed around what you are looking for:

=> Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts


Q – If I invest in a KB workout program, how do I choose a KB weight? I cannot afford a complete range of weights, 2 or 3 max.

A – Check out this video I made a short time ago – it walks you though what size kettlebell to use:


Okay, gotta get back to the party preparations … enjoy your weekend, and talk soon!

– Forest

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