3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Running Form

Most Sunday mornings, I get up early and go out for a run – usually sprints on the soccer field at the local park.

I love doing my workouts outside … I love training and feeling like an athlete … and I love workouts that give you maximum results in minimum time … so sprints fit the bill PERFECTLY!

Anyway – I’ve been working on a few things to improve my running form over the last couple of months … and so right after my session yesterday, I decided to shoot a quick video for you on three simple tricks to improve your running form.

These tips will help you run faster, get injured less and have more enjoyable runs overall.

3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Running Form

1 – Posture

Leaning forward from the waist or slouching is not ideal when you are running.

What you actually want is a slight forward lean from the ANKLES … but this should happen without even trying.

Focus on running tall with a straight, erect posture.

2 – Cadence

Cadence is the number of steps you take per minute. The “ideal” number is thought to be about 180 reps per minute.

With a proper cadence, you’ll reduce impact forces on your legs, improve efficiency and reduce injury risk.

The next time you go run, count the number of times your foot lands in a minute, then double it (to account for both legs). If your step rate is less than 180, work to increase it by just a bit – maybe 5% – every two or three weeks, until your cadence increases.

3 – Avoid over-striding

Ideally, you want your foot to make contact with the ground directly underneath your body, rather than far out in front of it.

Think about putting your foot down underneath your hips when it strikes the ground.

This reduces impact on your legs, cuts injury risk and makes for a more fluid, efficient stride.

So there you have three simple tips that will help you run faster, get injured less and have more enjoyable runs overall.

Focus on these fundamentals, and see the benefits!

– Forest Vance

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