Can I Ask a Quick Favor?

The main reason I create blog posts, videos, and full-blown training courses, is to help you get the results you desire.

But – I always want to help more!  So this is where you come in 😉

I’d love to give you exactly what you want over the next few weeks … and the best way I know to do this is to simply ask you what you want.

So here is the favor I ask of you.  Can you take a quick moment to leave a reply to this post in the comments section below?  

Just write one to three sentences about topics you’d love to see me cover, and what you’d love to know more about.

Then, if I get enough responses, I will make sure to cover those things. Sound cool?

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below!!

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  • Greg Wood

    Hey Forest,
    You’ve created many instructional videos and I try to use them as a guide.
    But I think I was doing KB snatches just a little bit wrong and pulled something in my inner elbow on my left arm. It’s tender now even after resting it. Is this a common KB injury? Is there something I can do to rehab it?


  • Keith

    I am struggling with nutrition; however, I am struggling with my training to reduce my estrogen levels and get my testosterone levels back within normal ranges.

    I lift very heavy I do sprints and still cannot get my body fat down and blaming my low testosterone and elevated estrogen levels even with all the detox flush I am doing.I do not know where to start.

  • Hey Forest, big fan.

    Here are my suggestions:
    1.) KB training for people with limited mobility issues–bad knee, for example–and possibly post surgical therapy for something like a knee replacement.
    2.) “Done for you” programmatic hybrid KB / bodyweight training routines for people in their 60’s and older.
    3.) There are a lot of recommendations to use sprints in workouts. I can’t run due to my knees. So I “sprint” doing a modified snatch test with a much lighter weight. I shoot for 100 snatches with a 16K KB in 5 minutes. I do them very fast…much faster than I can do them with a 24K KB. So first, is that a logical -and advisable–thing to do, and if so, can you provide other KB-based “sprints” that don’t actually involve running?

  • Gary

    I’d like to see mass building with kb’s

  • Mike zapicchi

    First, thanks for the great content! I have been reading and following pros like you, Geoff Neupert and Chris Lopez during my personal fitness journey. I am 60 years old and have been working with KB’s for the length of my quest towards fitness. I have come from 255 lbs to 200…40 inch waist to 34…and…being able to do my double KB workouts with two 20’s…they are the heaviest my gym has…I’m lobbying hard for a set of 24’s!

    I’m interested in: KB workouts for hypertrophy…KB workouts for cardio…workouts for functional strength and flexibility…not that they haven’t been there in the past…but I am looking for some variety…

  • Joe Clair

    I would like to see more kettlebell wokouts. Particularly metabolic workouts. I’m 67 yo and trying to get back into some sort of shape and I’ve taken a liking to kettlebells. I pretty much know all the lifts and moves. Just would like some full blown workout ideas that ican do in my garage or backyard…or the living room when wifey isn’t around. Also I would like to know if kettlebell workoputs are good for type II diabetes as I’ve been diagnosed , but I’mm able to keep my my blood sugar count down. Would KB training further help ?


    Joe Clair

  • I would just like to see some double kettlebell workouts for functional strength. I am 74 years old but have had kettlebells for the last 10 years.

  • susan

    I am 50yo woman. I do not like to exercise and have many obligations that consume my free time. I have been searching for a quick (20 min MAX), simple (easy to perform moves) yet effective and low-impact workout. I prefer bodyweight but the KB workouts look interesting. Do you have a program that meets my requirements? (I know the nutrition side even if I don’t always follow it)
    Question 2: If I invest in a KB workout program, how do I choose a KB weight? I cannot afford a complete range of weights, 2 or 3 max

  • Michael

    Hi Forest, I’m interested in a routine to make gains in TGU. My goal is the Beast, I can do 40kg now but not easily. Thanks

  • Kevin

    Thanks for all the great info. Couple of things I would like to hear your views on. One is injuries and recovering from them. I have had pain in my front shoulder for a while now. I believe to be from pull-ups. It’s the last thing to loosen up and the strength seems to be quite diminished. Whats the best way to recover from a nagging muscle strain or training injury? Second is could you please discuss how muscle strength and/or muscle endurance affect one another. How can I increase my run pace without affecting my endurance or how can I increase my reps of a certain exercise past a plateau? Thanks again…


  • Jerry

    I love KB, workouts finishers, etc.; so much I want to train others how to correctly use them. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a qualified instructor in my area. How do I become a certified instructor without spending thousands of dollars for travel & lodging, not counting the actual training course itself?

  • Good suggestions already. I am interested in sorting through all the different opinions on nutrition. I am not so concerned about loosing weight as I am about optimal health after 50.

  • Papa Rich

    Please help with a workout routine for senior above 60 years’ old. I like to build functional strength and flexibility for practicing martial artist..Would love to incorporate the routine into my bodyweight training too..

  • isaac

    Hi i have just stated kb workouts and the training guides you give are supper , as a beginner i still feel iam doing a few things you hyave a video on a begginers guide and kb ab work out a link to it will be of help thanks .

  • Kieran

    Hi Forrest,
    I enjoy all your blog posts and advice and find it very useful.
    I would like to see some content specifically for men in the over 45 age group (like me!). Types of KB workouts that would be suitable for maintenance, correct frequency etc.and some diet and nutrition advice also

  • Benny mulley

    Hey mate – iv been training for four years primarily kettlebells n body weight . I had lost 45 kg up until 6 months ago when I got injured – iv put 10 kg back on – looking for an incremental explosive program to get me back to where I was – keep smiling Benny

  • admin

    Guys – THANK YOU for the awesome feedback!

    This is SUCH great stuff … and it helps so much as we plan out topics to cover over the coming weeks and months.

    Keep it coming!

    – Forest

  • Dave

    Forest – Thanks for your great articles.
    I’m a 60-year old male. Any suggestions for a healthy soda substitute? Also, please continue with body weight exercises for us old folks!!

  • sean kavanagh

    i need to improve my flexibility i have tried some stretching with some success, i would to improve my endurance training, i would like suggestions on a diet program
    i am at a good level of fitness

  • Al

    flexibility in my hips, shoulders and to a smaller degree my knees. i got young kids, so looking for shorter workouts (intense), so i can still hang/play with them and overall more time with the family. NOTE: i’m type 1 diabetic, so my blood sugars need to be good before i workout, as well as maintain it after the workouts

  • Geoff

    I’m 55yr old,just been diagnosed with osteoporosis,so anything that is quick,doesn’t put too much pressure on the hips or knees and helps me lose weight but gain muscle and strength!

  • admin

    Thanks again for all the great feedback guys.

    This is VERY helpful as we plan out topics to cover over the coming weeks and months.

    Train hard, and talk soon!

    – Forest

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