20­10 Tabata Ab Workout [VIDEO]

Got a new “HIITBURN” 20-10 Tabata ab workout for you to try today from my friend Dennis Heenan.

Dennis really knows his stuff when it comes to ab training … and he stays in top shape year-round, so he also “walks the talk”, so to speak!

Plus, like me, Dennis is a former college athlete … so we have many similar influences, and share common training philosophies.

Anyway, this workout will help you both lean out AND strengthen your abs.

You’ll be using some unique exercises like the mountain climber + push up combo, sit – throughs, and Russain twists.

Moves like this are designed to hit all “3 dimentions” of your abs, which leads to:

– Burning more calories in less time
– A stronger core (which leads to a reduced risk of injury)
– A flatter, leaner, stomach
– Reduction of back pain
– Increased confidence

If any of those things sounds like something you’d like to do, try this workout!

It’s a tough one … but it’ll hit all areas of your abs, which will lead to some awesome results.

Check it out below:

hiit burn ab workout

=> “HIITBURN” 20­10 Tabata Ab Workout [VIDEO]

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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