The Bucket Drop

Yesterday, I told you all about Bodyweight Burn

Today, I wanted to share with you 1 “odd” little bodyweight exercise from the program.

See, the trick to progressing your bodyweight training is to keep learning more and more sophisticated exercises … and while that’s pretty easy to do with weight training, it’s a bit more tricky with bodyweight.

That being said, I think you’ll love the odd little bodyweight exercise Adam (creator of Bodyweight Burn) has got for you today…

It’s called the Bucket Drop.

Here’s a quick peek:

It’s simpler than it looks :)

Step 1 –

Get set on all fours — shoulders over hands, butt over heels, hips lower than shoulders.

Step 2 –

Rotate your shoulders towards the right, keep your left hand planted, pivot your right foot out.

Step 3 –

Drop your bucket — aka your butt — to the floor, catch your left ankle on your right heel, bring your entire right foot to the floor.

Adam has earned the nickname “The Bodyweight Coach” in the media and on the internet…

And he’s been a constant pioneer in bringing out unique bodyweight exercises and workouts for years.

He tells me his best work is right here on this page:

=> Unique bodyweight exercise system

I highly recommend taking a look and adding it to your arsenal!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

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