Interview with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet (part 1)

Very excited to bring you an interview I recently did with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet.

Chad covers a LOT of info in this one … from what his Man Diet program is all about and how it works, to what nutrition methods / approaches / etc he has studied and they’ve influenced his work, the type of results folks have experienced with his program, what a sample day of eating on the Man Diet would actually look like and MUCH more …

The interview transcript actually turned out to be SO content-packed that we decided to split it into two parts! So enjoy part 1 today, and stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.


– Forest


Interview with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet (part 1)

1 – Chad, your “Man Diet” program is very cool – it takes a different approach to nutrition than a lot of the other info out there.  What first drove you to create the Man Diet?

A few things…

For one, a pal of mine introduced me to the whole notion that dietary fats aren’t necessarily bad for you a number of years ago, right around the time that I’d got tested and had lower than optimal testosterone levels for my age.

Both of those things spurred me on to do more research about testosterone, about the things in our diet which help produce optimal levels and the things in our diet (and environment) that hurt our testosterone levels.

I learned a lot and tested a ton on my own body. The amount of myth out there not only about dietary fats but about our greatest and most important hormone, testosterone, pissed me off, so I decided to create a diet just for guys.

After trying to find a diet that would fit the mold of what I’d learned over a span of a couple years, I saw that 80% – if not more – of the diet market was for women, and the diets that were for men were just repackaged diets for women.

It started out as something for me, and turned into something that a heck of a lot of guys ended up needing as well.

2 – What exactly is the program all about? How does it work?

When I eat a fatty meal, I want to damn well enjoy that fatty meal, not merely be given a half a slice of bacon and then have to have whole carbs in there with it.

The same with carbs. I want to enjoy them.

The thing is that both fats and carbs have their place in a diet (as does protein, obviously), but they also have their time.

We get a surge of testosterone from around 4-6am in the morning. A high fat meal helps feed that surge, giving it an added boost. So, a “testosterone meal” as they’re labeled in the diet, may be for breakfast (depending on your schedule) where you get to enjoy eating a bunch of fat and protein without feeling guilty because it works with the overall framework and macro breakdown of the diet.

We add in a bunch of carbs and lean proteins after our workout to halt the protein breakdown that occurs during training. So, again, you get to fully enjoy a meal packed with carbs without hurting your waistline or your T levels.

It’s simply structured to fit each individual’s schedule, while allowing us men to enjoy what we’re eating. This isn’t a “salad and quinoa” diet. It’s packed with steak and pasta and bacon and eggs and it’s designed to naturally increase your testosterone levels, aiding you in whatever physical quest you’re on.

Apart from the diet we have a testosterone morning and evening routine designed to feed that 4-6am surge. I bring you through the things in our environment to avoid (like plastic water bottles that are filled with chemical estrogens) and give you an alternative (like a glass water bottle).

Though it’s a diet, it’s one that men can follow and enjoy and thrive on. If you’re trying to lose weight we’ll get you eating at a caloric deficit, and if you’re trying to gain weight, we’ll get you on a surplus.

To ensure that you’re getting optimal results the manual – which is over 30 pages long – teaches you about testosterone and the multitude of methods you can use to produce it optimally.

It’s helped me in a big way, and now hundreds of guys have fortunately benefited from it as well.

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3 – What nutrition methods / approaches / etc have you studied, and how do they influence your work?

I’ve tried nearly everything. The Paleo approach was impossible for me to follow. Going too low carb made me, and most people, lose too much muscle. Going too high carb left me lethargic and yawning during workouts, with too much belly fat to boot.

What really drove me to make changes in my diet was research I did on testosterone. When I learned, for example, that cholesterol is a building block of testosterone, that helped me dive deeper into how our body benefits from a higher cholesterol diet, which led me to read a lot about the myth surrounding cholesterol.

Research into testosterone helped me discover that flax is actually highly estrogenic, so is soy, and things like oysters block estrogen because of their high zinc content.

As I kept reading and testing I formulated a long list of things that helped our most important and powerful hormone, and things that hurt it, and this is eventually what became the Man Diet.

4 – What type of results have individuals experienced with your program? Could you provide a few examples?

I’ve had guys from all walks of life, be they older, younger, fit or even diabetic, try the diet, and thrive on the diet.

A couple examples…

Andy is a great one. He’s been training actually pretty hard for a while, eating “right”, but unable to stick to the diets he was following. The Man Diet offered an approach that gave him the macros he needed, but in a way that he could actually follow. Here’s his transformation.

Nate’s killed it on the Man Diet. He’s an kickboxer, so cutting weight while maintaining muscle is important to him. His issue was cortisol. His cortisol levels would skyrocket when he’d diet, so the info in the Man Diet about cortisol helped a lot and the diet helped him build a much better and stronger body.

His energy levels now compared to what they were are a lot better as well. He, like myself, would get tired after consuming a bunch of carbs before a workout. The solution was a meal higher in fats and meat (slows the rise of blood sugar, helping you elevate your energy levels slowly rather than an extreme peak and crash that can come from carbs.

Here’s Nate’s transformation.

Mark had spent YEARS, I’m talking from high school to his early thirties, in a body that just didn’t suit the man he is deep down. He was weak and flabby, but now he’s leaner, and a heck of a lot stronger. The increase in dietary fats agreed with him in a big way.

He found himself with more energy, which meant better workouts and more motivation to workout more often.

Here’s Mark.

The main thing to know about these guys is that they didn’t crash diet, heck, they didn’t even really diet.

They changed the way they ate, but they did it in a sustainable way.

Each of these guys have only gotten better since they sent me their pics. Most diets have you crash, get results, take your before and afters, then you binge and bulge back up. The Man Diet simply shows you how to block your meals on training days and off days to get the best results you can possibly get, but in a way that you can follow for the rest of your life.

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