How to Burn the MOST Fat During Your Workouts – 3 Unusual Tips

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You want to get strong, get lean, and feel great – in as little training time possible.

In short – train, look, and feel like an athlete – in 20-30 mins per day, 3-4 training sessions per week.

Sound about right?

Well, recently I was able to chat with fitness instructor creator of “Metabolic Explosion” Coach Dan Faggella, and I wanted to share 3 of Dan’s biggest take-aways on enhancing Metabolism with every workout.

These tips will help you burn the MOST amount of fat, get strong, and feel great … in the LEAST amount of time!

How to Burn the MOST Fat During Your Workouts – 3 Unusual Tips

1 – “Rotate Your Recovery” and Burn Calories Faster

This is a simple principle that Dan uses often in the full Metabolic Explosion course (click the link below if you haven’t seen his short, unique, low-impact fat-burners).

=> 9-Minute Metabolic Fat-Burning Workouts for “Non-Athletic” People

To “rotate your recovery,” you simply rest one muscle group while working out another – which allows you to exercise continuously after you begin to fatigue during your session. Here’s some simple “rotated recovery” sequences you can use today:

After a fast set of 30 jumping jacks (cardiovascular / aerobic energy system, legs bare most of the strain), switch into a set of 10 explosive pushups (anaerobic energy system, chest and shoulders bare most of the strain). Repeat for 4 minutes at the end of your workout.

After 30 seconds of wall sit exercise (isometric, mostly glutes and quadriceps), switch into 30 seconds of controlled leg lifts (also somewhat isometric, mostly impacts the lower abs).

In both the examples above, you give your recently used muscles a rest while actively engaging other muscle groups in the process.

2 – “Occupy Your Lazy Limbs” in Any Workout Movement

Some exercise movements require all of your body at once, but other exercises leave some of your limbs doing nothing – and contributing nothing to your calorie burn.

Adding additional movement and resistance can boost your workout effectiveness immediately, here’s a few easy examples:

If you’re doing squats or lunges in place, you can use a set of light dumbbells to do bicep curls or shoulder raises at the same time, engaging your upper body in the exercise, too.

If you’re doing a static abdominal plank workout, you can add additional muscle involvement by reaching forward with alternating arms to force your shoulders and abs to stabilize even more than when you’re on both elbows.

3 – “Don’t Stop When You Rest” and Chip in Extra Fat-Burning Bonus Points on Your Workout

Between exercises or between sets, there is a hidden opportunity to burn additional fat. Instead of standing around waiting for your next workout, or waiting for someone else to finish using a particular piece of workout equipment – fill your “rest” time by jogging in place, doing an isometric wall-sit, or even holding a plank position until it’s time for your next set of another exercise.

By “chipping in” additional workouts like this, you can burn calories and keep your metabolism buzzing from the start to the finish of your exercise session – without adding “extra” workout time.

If you’re interested in simple and easy-to-use workout sequences designed to burn more calories per workout session – I recommend you get in on Dan’s Metabolic Explosion course for yourself while he’s offering a massive discount for my readers:

=> 9-Minute Metabolic Fat-Burning Workouts for “Non-Athletic” People

Train hard, train smart, and burn MORE fat in LESS time!

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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