Bodyweight Workout #6 – Fit Like a Fighter

Got another workout for you from my man Funk Roberts today – this one is a “fit like a fighter” bodyweight circuit.

Let’s get right into it:

Bodyweight Workout #6 – Fit Like a Fighter
from the Funk Roberts 300 Mega-Bundle

— 10 exercises
— 60 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest
— do 2-3 rounds total

– side shuffle burpees
– lying ab circles
– reverse lunge to explosive jumps
– pike push ups
– alternating knees
– rotational mountain climers
– one legged travelling hops
– wall walks
– high plank knee to chest kick backs
– double sprawls

If you enjoyed this video / workout, don’t forget – you can get 300 more workouts like this one from Funk this weekend in his mega-bundle workout package, HERE.

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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