9 Minute Home Ab Workout – NO Equipment Needed!

Got a new 9 minute home ab workout for you to try.

The best part about this one, is that involves ZERO crunches / sit ups – so it’s easy on your back, and it’s also the BEST way to train your abs for a lean, strong midsection!

These are just like the ab workouts we do every day at our boot camps at FVT in Sacramento, CA.

9 Minute Home Ab Workout
from the Metabolic Explosion program

Here’s how it goes:

— set your timer for 9 rounds of 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off
— we’ll rotate through 3 exercises, circuit-style, and will end up doing three sets of each move

The exercises are:

— knee-to-elbow mountain climber
— opposite arm / opposite leg raise
— high plank / low plank / plank-to-push up

Hope you enjoyed that 9 minute home ab workout! Try it today, and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading / watching, and see you next time –

– Forest Vance

PS – This workout is from the Metabolic Explosion program … click HERE to learn more about it, and how you can use short, effective, low-impact training methods like this to burn fat, gain lean muscle and get into GREAT shape … with ZERO equipment, and absolutely anywhere!

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